WEF Demands $3.5 Trillion per Year to ‘Decarbonize’ Earth

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is demanding that taxpayers around the globe pay $3.5 trillion per year in order to meet the globalist organization’s “Net Zero” goal for “decarbonizing” the planet.

The WEF insists that the staggering bill is necessary as it will fund the noble global power elite’s alleged efforts to “reach Net Zero and restore nature.”

Achieving the WEF’s “Net Zero” goals is part of the globalists’ green agenda that allegedly seeks to “save the planet” from the so-called “climate crisis.”

However, critics argue that “decarbonization” is just a euphemism for the WEF’s anti-human agenda.

Of course, the largest source of carbon dioxide on Earth is humans and human activities such as burning fossil fuels.

The average human exhales about 2.3 pounds of carbon dioxide on an average day.

Take this number and multiply it by a global population of 8.1 billion people, breathing away for 365.25 days per year, and you get an annual CO2 output of 3.4 billion tons.

However, experts are quick to point out that this figure is meaningless since human respiration is part of a “closed loop cycle” in which our carbon dioxide output is matched by the carbon dioxide taken in by the wheat, corn, celery, and Ugli fruit that we eat.

Nevertheless, the anti-carbon agenda directly targets humans and human activities.

The answer, according to the WEF, is that members of the general public must drastically lower their quality of life while handing over vast sums of cash to the global elite.

On Wednesday, the WEF published a new whitepaper in partnership with McKinsey & Company.

According to the whitepaper, it’s time to print more money to further devalue the wealth of the common citizens, in order to pursue the apparent noble goal of “decarbonization.”

The paper titled, “The Role of Public-Private-Philanthropic Partnerships in Driving Climate and Nature Transitions.”

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“The world needs up to $3.5 trillion of additional investments each year to reach Net Zero and restore nature,” the report highlights state.

The paper adds that an organization established by the WEF, called Giving to Amplify Earth Action (GAEA), is tasked with shaking down government leaders of sovereign nations for the money.

According to the whitepaper, private organizations should surrender their autonomy to governments in exchange for an endless amount of credit and a backstop of protection should their business fail in the open market.

The plan is essentially the exact governmental structure of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

As Slay News previously reported, WEF founder Klaus Schwab has hailed the CCP as a model for governance.

Putting that $3.5 trillion in perspective, it’s almost 60 percent of the annual U.S. federal budget.

As we’ve seen with international public-private efforts, U.S. taxpayers will be the first to get shaken down in the process.

Two weeks ago, the WEF declared in another report that $13.5 trillion would be needed as soon as humanly possible to avoid a climate catastrophe.

According to the report, which was written with the help of pay-to-play “consulting” Accenture, the date for which the Earth will melt due to “global boiling” has been rolled back from 25 years ago to 2050.

In the report, the depopulation advocates stress the need for fast-tracking “decarbonization.”

The word “decarbonization” is used 91 times in the published memo.

It isn’t just the WEF that is making these calls, however.

Several powerful elites also demanded that the public cough up during the United Nations’ recent COP28 summit in Dubai.

Among those wealthy globalists was WEF member King Charles III.

The British royal is cited as one of the architects behind the WEF’s “Great Reset” agenda, alongside the organization’s founder Klaus Schwab.

As Slay News reported, Charles gave a speech at the COP28 summit earlier this month where he demanded $5 trillion a year from taxpayers to advance the WEF’s “Net Zero” agenda.

Next month, the WEF will host its Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

This year’s event focused on tackling so-called “misinformation.”

The theme of the 2024 summit is “Rebuilding Trust.”

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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