Whistleblower Mysteriously Disappears after Vowing to Testify against Biden Family

A whistleblower has mysteriously disappeared without a trace after coming forward with information about Democrat President Joe Biden and his family’s business dealings.

Israeli Professor Gal Luft has not been heard from since April 19.

In 2019, Luft independently approached the FBI as a whistleblower.

He reported to the federal agency that he had information regarding nefarious dealings by the Biden family.

However, the FBI reportedly never followed up with Luft on his claims.

The information that Luft gave to the FBI apparently runs parallel to, and possibly even corroborates, the content on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop.

Luft’s testimony would have been especially significant since Hunter’s laptop was not public knowledge in 2019.

Nevertheless, rather than investigate the claims, the Southern District of New York instead issued an arrest warrant and extradition request against the whistleblower.

Almost four years after approaching the FBI, Luft was arrested at an airport in Cyprus on February 16 on his way back home to Israel.

He was arrested on a series of eyebrow-raising charges related to arms trafficking and espionage.

Luft commented on the situation on Twitter and accused the U.S. federal government of persecuting him to protect the Bidens.

“I’ve been arrested in Cyprus on a politically motivated extradition request by the US,” Luft tweeted.

“The US, claiming I’m an arms dealer. It would be funny if it weren’t tragic.

“I’ve never been an arms dealer,” he asserted.

“[The Department of Justice] is trying to bury me to protect Joe, Jim & Hunter Biden. Shall I name names?”

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After posting bail in Cyprus of 400,000 euros (equivalent to about $438,000), Luft mysteriously disappeared.

Since last week, Luft has completely vanished and, at present, his whereabouts and fate are entirely unknown.

The disappearance of Luft has raised concerns about what damning information he could have on the Biden family.

Luft is a retired lieutenant colonel in the Israel Defense Force.

After leaving the elite forces, he formed and co-directed a think tank in Washington called the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security (IAGS).

IAGS was a unique conjunction of the right and the left, especially regarding the security and economic benefits of reducing Middle Eastern oil dependency.

In 2014, the China Energy Fund Committee (CEFC) created an American nonprofit arm called CEFC-USA.

The organization secured a contract with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) related to clean coal technology.

At this time, Luft and the IAGS became affiliated with the Chinese energy nonprofit.

According to an article published in The New York Times in December 2018, one of CEFC-USA’s goals was to gain “access to the key corridors of power in Washington.”

As such, the nonprofit began lobbying and courting various governmental and nonprofit bodies as well as notable politicians — including then-Vice President Joe Biden.

The Times reported that the leadership of CEFC-USA initiated their contact with the Biden family in 2015.

“An aide to [Ye Jianming, founder and chairman of CEFC-USA,] met the vice president’s son, Hunter Biden, in Washington,” the NY Times reported.

“Mr. Ye then met privately with Hunter Biden at a hotel in Miami in May 2017. …

“Mr. Ye proposed a partnership to invest in American infrastructure and energy deals.”

The Times further noted that, according to congressional researchers, Ye previously held high-ranking positions in a Chinese military organization specializing in the collection of intelligence and the dissemination of propaganda.

Similarly, CEFC-USA employed an unusually high number of former Chinese military officers.

According to information on Hunter Biden’s laptop and whistleblower Tony Bobulinksi, the Biden family created Sinohawk Holdings to engage in a partnership with CEFC-USA.

The terms included $5 million in payments plus an additional $5 million in gifts to the Biden family.

In this context, the Biden presidential campaign solicited over 50 U.S. intelligence officers to claim that the Hunter Biden laptop was a complete farce and merely the product of a “Russian disinformation campaign.”

While the Sinohawk Holdings deal with CEFC-USA didn’t fully materialize, The Washington Post reported that the Biden family did, in fact, receive about $4.8 million from the Chinese organization.

The Post further stated that CEFC-USA officials asked Hunter Biden to inform them of potential investigations during the Trump administration.

“In the summer of 2017, Hunter Biden received a request from Ye that would foreshadow subsequent problems for CEFC,” the report notes.

“Ye said that a top CEFC associate, Patrick Ho, might be under investigation by U.S. law enforcement and he asked Hunter Biden for help.

“Hunter Biden told the New Yorker that he agreed to represent Ho and to try to figure out if he was under scrutiny by law enforcement.”

In this context, Gal Luft, who had interacted significantly with CEFC-USA and its officers, approached federal officials in March 2019 as a whistleblower.

According to the New York Post, Luft’s attorney stated that his client “learned explosive information that someone was selling sealed U.S. law enforcement information to Chinese individuals.”

More specifically, the attorney claimed that Ye confided to Luft that Hunter Biden had an informant in the FBI “or formerly of the bureau, extremely well-placed, who they paid lots of money to [provide] sealed law enforcement information.”

This FBI mole was apparently called “One-Eye.”

Luft’s lawyer further stated, “The DOJ had this information in March 2019 and did nothing. Congress has the Biden bank records but it doesn’t know the reason for the payments.

“Now it does. The information that the whistleblower — Dr. Luft — gave the DOJ four years ago is the missing link for the reason behind the China-Biden money transfers.

“Clearly, this is explosive stuff.”

“Coincidentally,” the Southern District of New York issued an arrest warrant for Luft on Nov. 1, 2022.

The timing of the arrest warrant was just one week before the 2022 midterm elections.

During the midterms, the Republican Party ran on the platform of investigating the Bidens once in control of Congress.

Republicans accordingly took control of the House and the investigative committees.

By that point, the Justice Department had completely ignored Luft’s whistleblower allegations against the Bidens after sitting on it for almost four years.

More recently, Luft’s legal team has been in contact with House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY).

Comer is spearheading the investigations into the Biden family dealings and alleged corruption.

After news got out of Luft’s arrest, Comer commented, “This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. …

“We’ve had three people that were involved in the Hunter Biden shady business schemes that have communicated with my committee staff this week. …

“I think that people see the heavy-handedness of the Bidens.

“Either you’re getting picked up by the DOJ or you’re getting a letter from Hunter Biden’s personal attorney trying to intimidate you.”

Another of Luft’s lawyers declared that the testimony was so damning that it would “bury Hunter Biden.”

“[The arrest] would be a good way to shut [Luft] up … because he knows a lot of information on Hunter. … Gal’s testimony, if [he is allowed to testify,] will bury Hunter Biden,” the attorney said.

“Even more so, his testimony will shift the attention toward the president himself.”

American-Israeli conservative columnist Caroline Glick warned in a piece for the Jewish News Syndicate that the arrest and pending extradition request make it essentially impossible for Luft to testify before Congress.

The arrest was made in Cyprus and not in accordance with the extradition treaty between Israel and the U.S.

If Luft had been arrested in Israel, he could still have testified remotely while in Israeli custody pending extradition.

But now Luft has disappeared.

With his disappearance, one of the most damning whistleblowers against the Biden family has been silenced, possibly forever.

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