White House ‘Cheap Fakes’ Response to Biden Videos Is Part of Social Media Censorship Agenda, Experts Warn

The widely mocked claims from the White House, that real but damaging videos of Democrat President Joe Biden are “cheap fakes,” is part of a far more sinister agenda, experts are warning.

Concerns have been raised among political experts about whether embarrassing recent video footage of Biden could be the precursor to more social media censorship.

As the election season continues into the presidential contest this November, the White House is calling out “cheap fakes” and “deep fakes,” as Fox News reported.

Videos highlighting Biden’s advanced years and deteriorating mental acuity are continuing to spread online as concerns over his fitness for office mount.

As Slay News has reported, rather than admit there’s a problem, however, the White House has resorted to calling the videos – real footage of Biden that hasn’t been altered but the Democrats don’t want voters to see – “cheap fakes,” a made-up phrase invented by the president’s handlers.

These so-called “cheap fakes” have been exposing Biden’s daily struggles with the simplest of tasks.

The Biden administration has been adamant that those “cheap fake” videos are responsible for the negative reflection on the president.

Namely, the White House is pushing back against a purported showing of Biden in declining mental acuity due to what appears to be extreme confusion on stage.

While the new “cheap fake” line from the White House has been laughed off by critics, experts warn that it reveals the administration is planning to pressure social media to censor embarrassing videos and content related to Biden, even if it hasn’t been manipulated.

A conservative tech expert counters that the videos are genuinely troubling, as is the pushback.

According to the expert, the Biden campaign’s “cheap fake” pushback appears to be part of an “election buzzword” effort that could be engineered to put pressure on media platforms to “take action” against it.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, White House spokesperson Andrew Bates said:

“The discredited right-wing critics of President Biden who spread other debunked lies, including that the 2020 election was stolen, are clearly threatened by the wide range of nonpartisan fact-checkers that have pulled back the curtain on the cheap fake smears they’re forced to rely on, since the last thing they want to discuss is Joe Biden’s agenda to cut taxes for working families and keep bringing violent crime to historic lows.”

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“Their panicked reaction to mainstream reporters, including at The Washington Post, NBC News, and PolitiFact, citing misinformation experts taking anti-Biden cheap fakes apart, says more than we ever could,” Bates added.

In recent weeks, videos of Biden from a variety of events have appeared to show him looking increasingly lost and confused.

In one video, he turned and wandered away from the group of world leaders at a D-Day anniversary event in France.

Other world leaders can be seen huddling and attempting to shield Biden’s behavior and urge him to rejoin the group.

Biden defenders claim the video is a “cheap fake,” but it hadn’t been altered.


In another video, he appeared to be uncertain about the appropriate time to settle down.

Additionally, at a recent fundraising event, he was led off the stage by former President Obama in another video.

Another video emerged showing Biden struggling to climb into the back of his SUV motorcade.

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre doubled down on the claims that these videos were “cheap fakes.”

The Media Manipulation Case Book defines “altered media” as “media that does not necessitate advanced technology,” such as “photoshopping (including face swapping), lookalikes, as well as video speeding and slowing.”

The term was employed in a few news articles as early as 2019, but it was used substantially more frequently this week in response to the videos of Biden that were posted on social media.

“It’s also very insulting to the folks, the viewers who are watching it. And so we believe we have to call that out. We’ve been calling them ‘cheap fakes, Jean-Pierre told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace on Tuesday.

“That is something that came directly from the media outlets in calling it that, the fact-checkers… calling it that. And so we’re certainly going to be really, really clear about that as well. And calling it out from where we are, from where we stand.”

Similar language has already been deployed by globalists in the form of “misinformation” and “disinformation.”

Both terms sound like they represent something inaccurate yet both refer to information that is not false but references non-approved narratives.

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