White House Defends Biden’s Lies about Uncle ‘Eaten by Cannibals’: ‘We Should Not Make Jokes’

The White House is shamelessly defending Democrat President Joe Biden’s latest tall tale about his uncle despite the story being easily proven to be fabricated.

As Slay News reported, Biden claimed that his uncle, Ambrose “Bozey” Finnegan, was eaten by cannibals during World War II.

Biden told the bizarre story during a stop in Pittsburgh on Wednesday where he gave a speech to members of the United Steelworkers Union.

Seemingly going off-script, Biden told the union workers that his uncle’s plane was shot down and crashed during World War II in an area of New Guinea that was populated with cannibals.

“He was a hell of an athlete, they tell me, when he was a kid,” Biden said, adding that he was in the Army Air Corps.

The Army Air Corps was in place before the Air Force came along.

“He flew those single-engine planes as reconnaissance over war zones, and he got shot down in New Guinea,” Biden alleged, no longer reading from his handlers’ script.

“They never found the body because there used to be, there were a lot of cannibals, for real, in that part of New Guinea.”

The president also told the same false story about his uncle when he spoke with reporters earlier in the day before boarding Air Force One and heading out to Pittsburgh.

“When D-Day occurred, the next day, on Monday, all four of my mother’s brothers went down and volunteered to join the military,” Biden said.

“Ambrose Finnegan, we called him Uncle Bozey, he was shot down.

“He was Army Air Corps before there was an Air Force.

“They never recovered his body, but the government went back when I went down there, and they checked and found some parts of the plane,” he added.

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However, military records debunk Biden’s story.

The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency has a different record of what happened to Biden’s uncle.

The records confirm that an airplane carrying one passenger, identified as Finnegan, and a crew of three left Momote Airfield on Los Negros Island on May 14, 1944 for a courier flight to New Guinea.

The report confirms that it would have been impossible for cannibals to reach the plane in the ocean and debunks the claims that parts of the craft were recovered.

It also debunked Biden’s claim that the military “never found the body” of his uncle “because… there were a lot of cannibals,” when, in fact, the plane sunk in the ocean.

The military records make no mention of cannibals.

Despite the story being obviously fabricated, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre seems to have no issue with breathlessly defending Biden’s claims.

When asked about his comments on Friday, Jean-Pierre claimed Biden was having an “emotional moment” when he made his remarks.

“The president had an emotional and I think a symbolic moment. He had an opportunity as president to honor his uncle’s service in uniform,” Jean-Pierre told reporters.

“He had an opportunity to be there as president, you know, to speak to people that put their lives on the line on behalf of this country.”

Jean-Pierre went on to explain what she claims Biden’s comment meant.

“So his uncle, who lost his life when the military aircraft he was on crashed in the Pacific after taking off near New Guinea,” Jean-Pierre said.

“The president highlighted his uncle’s story as he made the case for honoring our sacred commitment to equip those we send to war and take care of them and their families when they come home.”

She then tried to twist the narrative into an attack against Biden’s 2024 rival by promoting false claims about President Donald Trump.

“And as he reiterated, the last thing American veterans are or the last thing Americans should be called are ‘suckers’ and ‘losers.’

“And those types of words should not come from a commander in chief, as we have in the past,” she falsely claimed.

Jean-Pierre’s last statement was in reference to President Trump, who Biden falsely claimed called soldiers “suckers and losers.”

Trump was alleged to have made the comments as he was set to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery during a trip to France in Nov. 2018 while he was president.

The allegations, sourced anonymously in the left-wing propaganda outlet The Atlantic, described multiple offensive comments allegedly made by Trump toward fallen and captured U.S. service members in 2018.

The story claims Trump allegedly called the World War I dead at an American military cemetery in France as “losers” and “suckers.”

The story is widely discredited as fabricated propaganda, however.

nevertheless, Biden and the Democrats continue to repeat the claims as fact.

“This is more made up Fake News given by disgusting & jealous failures in a disgraceful attempt to influence the 2020 Election!” Trump wrote in a post on Twitter at the time about the comments made against him.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told “Fox & Friends”  that he was with the president for a good part of the trip to France.

“I never heard him use the words that are described in that article,” Pompeo said.

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted that she was part of the discussion about visiting the cemetery.

“This never happened,” she asserted.

“I have sat in the room when our president called family members after their sons were killed in action and it was heart-wrenching. …

“I am disgusted by this false attack.”

Fox News’ Peter Doocy continued to question Jean-Pierre about President Biden’s comments about his uncle.

Acknowledging that Second Lieutenant Ambrose Jay Finnegan was a war hero, Doocy noted that the Pentagon said, for unknown reasons, the plane was forced to ditch in the middle of the ocean.

“Both engines failed at low altitude,” Doocy noted.

“Why is President Biden saying he was shot down?

“There’s no evidence of that.

“And why is he saying that his uncle was eaten by cannibals?

“That is a bad way to go.”

“He lost his life,” Jean-Pierre said.

“It’s not. Look, I’m not, we should not make jokes about this.”

Doocy reiterated that it wasn’t a joke, but said again, that is what Biden said.

“I mean, your last line is, it’s for a laugh, it’s for a funny statement,” Jean-Pierre sparred back, desperately dodging the questions.

“And he takes this very seriously.

“His uncle, who served and protected this country, lost his life serving.

“And that should matter.

“You have a president that lifts our U.S. troops, our American veterans every day.

“Who thinks about them?

“Who actually thinks they’re all heroes? And they are.”

Doocy asked one more time why Biden used the term “cannibalism” as Jean-Pierre gave her last comment.

“I think you’re missing the point,” she said.

“The point is you have a president that lifts up American veterans, who lifts up our U.S. service members.

“And that’s what matters,” Jean-Pierre finished.

“He understands how critical and how important it is to be commander in chief.”


Doocy didn’t get an answer to his question.

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