WHO Demonizes America’s Cattle Herds, Claims ‘Bird Flu’ Could Spread to Cows Outside U.S

The globalist World Health Organization (WHO) is ramping up efforts to demonize America’s cattle herds in the latest assault in the war on food.

On Tuesday, a WHO official claimed American cattle pose a risk of spreading the H5N1 “bird flu” virus to cows outside of the United States.

The WHO argues that migratory birds will spread the virus between cows in other nations.

The United Nations (UN) “health” agency did not provide any evidence to support these claims, however.

U.S. officials are seeking to verify the safety of milk and meat after confirming the H5N1 virus in 34 dairy cattle herds in nine states since late March and in one person in Texas.

During a news briefing in Geneva, Switzerland, Wenqing Zhang, head of WHO’s Global Influenza Programme said:

“With the virus carried around the world by migratory birds, certainly there is a risk for cows in other countries to be getting infected.”

The unelected bureaucrat reiterated that the WHO deems the overall public health risk posed by the virus to be low but urged vigilance.

Asked to evaluate U.S. transparency on the outbreak so far, Zhang said the global body had received regular updates.

She praised a decision to share the virus’s genetic sequence early.

“I do think the collaboration with U.S. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and the information we’ve received so far enables us to monitor the situation and to update the preparedness measures,” she said.

The warning comes amid increasing efforts from globalist outside forces to demonize America’s meat and dairy industry.

In recent years, the UN, the World Economic Forum (WEF), and other foreign entities are increasingly insisting that farmers are causing so-called “climate change.”

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Leading the charge for such claims in the U.S. has been Democrat President Joe Biden’s former “climate czar” John Kerry.

Before leaving the role last month, Kerry claimed that American farmers need to stop producing meat and dairy for the U.S. food supply to fight “global warming.”

As Slay News reported, Kerry is calling for a crackdown on farmers  in order to meet the WEF’s “Net Zero” goals for lowering “emissions.”

Kerry issued the warning during a green agenda conference in Washington D.C.

During the Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) AIM for Climate Summit, Kerry told the audience that “we can’t get to Net Zero, we won’t get this job done, unless agriculture is front and center as part of the solution.”

Kerry warned attendees that his and other world leaders’ “lives depend” on farmers ceasing their operations.

Stopping farmers from growing food will lower agriculture “emissions,” Kerry insists.

He continued by noting that he does not even call it climate change anymore.

“It’s not change; it’s a crisis,” he declared.

“Mitigating methane is the fastest way to reduce warming in the short term,” Kerry claimed as he took aim at livestock farmers.

“Food and agriculture can contribute to a low-methane future by improving farmer productivity and resilience,” he further stated.

“We welcome agriculture ministers participating in the implementation of the Global Methane Pledge.”

On behalf of the U.S., Kerry joined several other nations in signing the “Global Methane Pledge.”

As Slay News reported, 13 nations from around the world signed an agreement to crack down on the agriculture industry to fight “global warming.”

International governments signed the pact pledging to target food production by shutting down farms to reduce “methane emissions.”

The thirteen nations that signed the Global Methane Pledge are:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Burkina Faso
  • Chile
  • Czech Republic
  • Ecuador
  • Germany
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Spain
  • The United States
  • Uruguay

The move seeks to drastically cut meat and dairy supply around the world to allegedly “save the planet” from “climate change.”

The U.S., Australia, Brazil, and Argentina, nations that are signing the pact, are among the world’s largest producers of meat.

Meanwhile, a bombshell new peer-reviewed study has just provided conclusive evidence that increased “carbon emission” cannot and will not cause “global warming”

As Slay News reported, Dr. Jan Kubicki led a group of world-renowned Polish scientists to study the impact of increases in CO2 emissions on the Earth’s global temperatures.

However, not only did they find that higher levels of CO2 made no difference, but they also proved that it simply isn’t possible for increases in carbon dioxide to cause temperatures to rise.

Kubicki and his team recently published three papers which all conclude that Earth’s atmosphere is already “saturated” with carbon dioxide.

This saturation means that, even at greatly increased levels of CO2, the “greenhouse gas” will not cause temperatures to rise.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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