Winsome Sears Slams Lawmakers Who Deny School Choice While Sending Their Kids to Private School

Virginia’s new Republican Lt. Governor Winsome Sears has called out hypocritical lawmakers who deny school choice for voters while sending their own children to private schools.

School choice has become a winning issue for Republicans in recent months.

Meanwhile, Democrats are opposing school choice because they are beholden to the powerful teacher unions that don’t want families to be able to choose which schools their children attend.

During a recent appearance on the FOX Business Network, Sears called out the double standards of politicians regarding school choice.

Sears stated: “[W]e are challenging those politicians who, by the way, they have the ability to send their children — because they have the resources — to send their children to private schools.

“Why would you stand in the doorway and block poor parents who want their children to make school choices?

“Why would you stand in their way and say no, you must go to this school and this school only?

“For me, that’s the new red line,” she warned.

“Your zip code, once again, is the red line on the kind of education you are going to get.”

“Well, there is a real awakening happening, and it’s happening in the immigrant community.

“It’s happening in the black community,” Sears added.

“Latinos especially, you see are really seeking to really embrace the Republican ideals, the conservative ideals.

Because you can see what’s happening, for example, in Florida with the school choice.

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“The charter schools are going gangbusters, it’s working there.

“People want choice.

“And we’re going to have that in Virginia.”


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By David Lindfield
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