Wisconsin Democrat Convicted of Voter Fraud after Being Linked to 2020 Election Mail-In Ballot Scam

A top Wisconsin Democrat has just been convicted on multiple voter fraud charges related to a mail-in ballot scheme during the 2022 election cycle.

However, the same Democrat, Kimberly Zapata, the deputy director of the City of Milwaukee Election Commission, was previously linked to another mail-in ballot scam during the 2020 presidential election.

On Wednesday, Zapata was found guilty on all counts against her for illegally requesting military ballots during the 2020 midterms.

Zapata was arrested after she was caught illegally sending out military ballots to homes in Wisconsin.

The investigation was launched in November 2022, when Republican Wisconsin State Rep. Janel Brandtjen sent out an election fraud alert.

At the time, Brandtjen was chair of the Assembly on Campaigns and Elections.

Brandtjen received three authentic military ballots to her home addressed to “Holly,” a woman who has never lived there.

It soon emerged that the delivery of the ballots was part of a scheme to steal votes in Wisconsin.

Later that week Wisconsin radio host Dan O’Donnell broke the news that Zapata was fired for committing the election fraud.

As Slay News reported at the time, Democrats, including Milwaukee Elections Commission Director Claire Woodall-Vogg, say Zapata was trying to prove how easy it was to request fake ballots when she committed her crime.

Democrats rushed in to defend her by arguing that the allegations were nothing nore than a so-called “right-wing conspiracy theory.”

However, the mail-in ballot scam worked exactly like Zapata said it would.

On Wednesday, a Milwaukee County jury reached a verdict in the trial of Zapata.

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The jury found Zapata guilty on all counts of election fraud against her.

Additionally, the Gateway Pundit is now reporting that Zapata also played a prominent role in the very suspect Wisconsin 2020 presidential election.

Documents show that Zapata was also involved in the illicit transfer of 120,000 thousand votes on a flash drive to Woodall-Vogg late at night on Election Night.

The votes were “mostly Biden absentee ballots.”

The Gateway Pundit reported on this late night ballot drop and flash drive scandal extensively in the past.

In the early hours of November 4th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a batch of 143,379 ballots, all for Joe Biden were dropped.

Zapata was also involved in this election night scandal.

Woodall-Vogg was working alone late at night with the voting machines in Milwaukee on 2020 Election Night.

Her actions that night were suspect at best.

On the morning of November 4, 2020, President Donald Trump delivered an election speech to the nation.

Trump was very positive with the election results has he set new records in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, Trump was ahead by 120,000 votes.

However, Trump warned Americans to watch out for suspicious late night ballot drops.

Then, after telling the world that they were stopping counting overnight, the Democrats suddenly dropped over 300,000 ballots in Wisconsin and Michigan.

At 3 AM Central time (an hour after Trump’s speech) Biden overcame a 4.1% Trump lead.

The media reported the next day that Wisconsin, thanks to Milwaukee, had a 89% turnout — something that is unheard of in the U.S.

The Milwaukee Elections chief lost a flash drive on the way to the county election commission.

Via Wisconsin Right Now:

A flash drive that contained crucial absentee voter information in the 2020 presidential election was briefly lost during the early morning hours of Wednesday Nov. 4 as the world waited for Milwaukee to reveal its ballot counts.

Sources within Milwaukee County law enforcement told Wisconsin Right Now exclusively that the executive director of the Milwaukee Election Commission, Claire Woodall-Vogg, realized she had lost the flash drive when she left, with police escort, the Central Count building where ballots were tallied.

She was en route to the county courthouse to report “the results of more than 169,000 absentee ballots collected in the City of Milwaukee,” the Hill previously reported.

Additionally, reporters actually filmed Woodall-Vogg feeding totals into a voting machine in the early hours of the morning without any election observers present.

Woodall-Vogg purposely broke all protocol by transferring numbers to a flash drive at the Milwaukee center.

More from Wisconsin Right Now:

Three days after this story first ran, Woodall-Vogg wrote a letter to the Wisconsin Election Commission in which she explained her side of what happened.

In the letter, she admitted that, when she got to Milwaukee County with the flash drives, she couldn’t find one of them.

She says the flash drive was sitting in a tabulator machine, a senior staff member removed the flash drive and turned it over to a Milwaukee police officer who then delivered it to her 10 minutes later.

She alleges that the incident did not alter the results of the election and that the District Attorney’s office conducted an investigation to establish chain of custody.

Calls and emails for comment were also made to Mayor Tom Barrett’s office, and the Milwaukee County Election Commission.

There have been no responses at all.

Our sources did not want to be named for fear of retaliation, although they are in a position to know the information they imparted; such is the urgency behind the scenes over the matter.

One officer reported the incident to a supervisor out of concern, we were told.

Zapata was involved in the scandal which Democats and their corporate media allies have insisted is just a “conspiracy theory” from so-called “election deniers.”

She was the official mentioned by Woodall-Vogg who gave the flash drive to her that night.

Zapata was the “senior staff member” involved in the transfer.

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