‘Woke’ Seattle Teacher Flunks Student for Stating ‘Only Women Can Get Pregnant’

A Seattle high school teacher has flunked a student for making scientifically accurate statements in an exam, according to reports.

The issue has provoked a backlash from parents after a 10th-grade student failed a test for answering that “only women can get pregnant” and “only men can have penises.”

A 10th-grade Ethnic Studies World History teacher at Chief Sealth International High School administered the quiz and issued the student a failing grade, despite his answers being scientifically correct.

The test focused on “understanding gender vs. sex.”

Students were asked to answer a series of multiple-choice and “true” or “false” questions.

Fox News received screenshots of the exams taken by two separate parents of students at the school.

Question 4 of the exam asked students to identify whether the statement “All men have penises” is true or false.

The student marked the statement true.

However, this was labeled as incorrect by the teacher.

Question 7 of the quiz similarly asked students to identify whether the statement “only women can get pregnant” was true or false.

The teacher again marked the student’s answer incorrect when he said the statement was true.

Several other questions asked students to answer questions like, “When someone uses ‘they/them’ pronouns, what does that mean about their gender identity?”

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Another question asked the students: “True/false: Transgender people are gay.”

Speaking with Jason Rantz, author of “What’s Killing America,” on KTTH, the student’s mother, who asked to remain anonymous, expressed concern that the school is allowing teachers to bring political beliefs into the classroom.

“I keep trying to wrap my head around how it is legal to teach inaccurate information and force students to answer against their beliefs or receive negative scores,” the mother said.

She also claimed teachers have called her son “f—d and racist” and a “product of the patriarchy that teaches young boys not to care about anything.”

The school responded by outright denying that such name-calling occurred, however.

A school district response to the allegations revealed that a “knowledge check quiz” was administered approximately two weeks ago at Chief Sealth International High School in an Ethnic Studies class.

The district’s statement continues:

“The Seattle Public Schools (SPS) course description for the Ethnic Studies World History class underscores that students will be ‘investigating… the global economy, society, and culture.’

“Claims that the student was called names have not been reported to SPS.

“We have confirmed with school’s principal that this is the first reference to any name-calling.

“SPS remains committed to fostering inclusive environments that encourage the exploration of contemporary issues, particularly the examination of power systems such as racism and patriarchy.

“This dedication extends to providing a space for thoughtful exploration and dialogue on these issues.”

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