‘Woke’ Teacher Accused of Forcing 5th-Grade Student to Be Transgender: ‘I Wanna Kill Myself’

A 5th-grade student in New York says she’s suicidal after allegedly being forced to “identify” as transgender by her “woke” teacher.

Debra Rosenquist, a teacher at Terryville Road Elementary School in Port Jefferson Station on Long Island, is accused of forcing a 9-year-old girl to “identify” as a boy at school.

The family of the child, who is now 10, is suing the school and the teacher for forcing transgenderism onto the unidentified young girl during the 2021-2022 academic year.

According to a lawsuit from the child’s parents, she was failed by the school system at every level.

The suit says administrators made a concerted effort to keep the family in the dark about what was happening to the young girl.

According to an attorney representing the family affected by the teacher’s alleged actions, the child had never expressed a desire to explore a different “gender identity.”

However, she became tormented after her fifth-grade teacher began to refer to her by male pronouns and the name “Leo.”

That was part of a pattern where vulnerable children were encouraged to identify as boys if they were girls or girls if they were boys, according to the lawsuit.

Children were also pressured to “try being gay” by the teacher.

The suit names the defendants as Rosenquist, the school itself, principal Annemarie Sciove, the Brookhaven-Comsewogue School District, and Superintendent Jennifer Quinn.

The parents say their daughter soon began to experience “suicidal ideations” because Rosenquist was so unrelenting in her quest to force gender and sexuality on children.

Rosenquist allegedly pressured the girl to the extent that the child actually became confused about her gender.

“As a result, [the student] became confused as to her gender,” the lawsuit says.

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“Despite knowing about Rosenquist’s conduct… it took the District, Quinn, and Sciove months to inform [the child’s parents] about it.”

Rosenquist is still employed by the district, despite the allegations.

The lawsuit is descriptive in its accusations about Rosenquist.

“Rosenquist pursued her own agenda outside the curriculum, which included persuading her 5th-grade students to try ‘being gay’ or being another gender even when they were not,” the lawsuit says.

“To further her agenda, Rosenquist read and provided her students with graphic books about gender and sexuality which were not on the curriculum.”

Officials with the Brookhaven-Comsewogue School District met with the girl’s parents and were told the teacher was using non-approved books to indoctrinate children, the lawsuit says.

The books reportedly covered topics such as gender transition surgery and hormone therapy.

One such book told the story of parents who had apparently failed their daughter by “assigning” her a female gender at birth.

Being told she was not a girl was so harmful to the student allegedly targeted by Rosenquist that she wanted to die, the lawsuit says.

In January 2022, the teacher’s alleged depravity led the student to draw a picture of a girl and to write the words, “I wanna kill myself.”

She also wrote, “I feel sad like a lot.”

The family’s attorney, Debra Wabnik, told Fox News that Rosenquist “manipulated a pre-teen female into changing her gender identity when the child did not feel any inclination to do so.”

“The parents did not learn about what Rosenquist was forcing upon their daughter until it was discovered that the child had suicidal ideations,” Wabnik said.

“The psychological and social damage Rosenquist caused this child and her family was immense.

“Incredibly, the District still has Rosenquist in the classroom where she can similarly harm other innocent children,” she said.

The attorney said in a statement to the New York Post that the student is female and prefers being female.

“At no point did she identify as male,” Wabnik said.

The district said actions were being taken against Rosenquist but did not elaborate any further.

Quinn also offered a bland and sterile statement that portrayed the Brookhaven-Comsewogue School District as one that cares deeply for children.

However, the district was allegedly aware that one of its teachers had gone rogue to indoctrinate children with her radical “woke” agenda.

Officials reportedly knew that Rosenquist was working to undermine the identities of defenseless children with confusing ideas that are built on the lie people can change their gender.

That pressure led an innocent 9-year-old child to express a suicidal desire.

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