Young Leftists ‘Disillusioned’ with Biden, Report Shows

Young left-wing activists are displeased with Democrat President Joe Biden’s handling of a number of leftist issues, a new report has revealed.

Keanu Arpels-Josiah, an organizer with youth climate group Fridays for Future NYC, told Politico:

“It’s clear that young people are really, really disillusioned with this presidency — disillusioned with [Biden’s] choices on climate and Gaza and beyond that to foreign policy and across the board.”

The 18-year-old said that Biden needs to do more than expect that young people will vote for him because he’s the most viable alternative to President Donald Trump.

“We really need to invigorate our base broader than just, ‘I’m better than the other person,’” Arpels-Josiah said.

“We need him to represent the issues that matter to us if we’re really going to get people to turn out.”

Executive director of Data for Progress Danielle Deiseroth told Politico that Biden is facing a difficult task for 2024: holding together a coalition that empowers young climate activists.

“The way that Biden wins in 2024 is by holding together this coalition from 2020, which included young, very enthusiastic, and very well-educated climate activists,” Deiseroth said.

“It’s becoming a very precarious test.”

Political director for the Sunrise Movement, Michele Weindling, said that the Biden campaign needs to be cautious not to push away young people and divide the party.

“We need to see a lot more obviously to be able to feel confident that young people don’t continue to feel alienated in this election cycle,” Weindling told Politico.

Biden’s signals about his support for a so-called “ceasefire” in Gaza have divided competing groups within his base.

Michigan Arabs and Muslim community leaders are continuing to voice their anger against Biden over his refusal to call for an immediate “ceasefire” in Gaza.

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Elise Joshi, executive director of Gen Z for Change, said to Politico:

“I shouldn’t have to say how important morally it is for a cease-fire, but it’s also important politically if that’s all this administration cares about.”

Climate activist and TikToker Alex Haraus said that young people have been frustrated with Biden over his handling of the war in Gaza.

Haraus told the corporate media outlet:

“People are still mad about the genocide going on in Gaza.

“I can’t blame them for that and wouldn’t anticipate this [pause] decision to have an impact on people who care about that.

“But I do think it will win points with everybody that cares about the climate.”

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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