Creation in a Time of Destruction

We live in chaotic times, wherein the forces of creation and destruction are warring.

This internecine conflict within the human family is neither novel nor final, but perpetually prone to eruption throughout the course of history. Even within periods of relative calm and creation, such as the Enlightenment, the forces of destruction were at work; and many of these destructive forces during the Enlightenment, such as the ideological cesspool of Rousseau, continue to do damage to individuals and societies. Today, in this eternal conflict we endure the destructive accelerant of the pandemic.

The intrinsically destructive COVID-19 pandemic has caused pain, suffering, and death to millions of people. Rapt by the virus’ carnage and garbed in the authoritarian cloak of politicized science, the intrinsically destructive Left has been inspired to intensify its efforts to destroy the foundational rights and principles undergirding our free republic and, indeed, the comity and creativity of the entire world: mandatory vaccinations (including for children), vaccine passports, corporate censorship of dissent, and a nascent but burgeoning worldwide social credit system over once free peoples. On and on the examples go of the Left’s destruction of the individual’s freedom of conscience and God-given rights under the crushing weight of their weaponized definition of “collective common good.”

For one can only hate what one seeks to “fundamentally transform.” 

In their own words, the Left proves unabashed in its hatred for American society and, notably, those who dissent from progressive aims. In the Left’s efforts to tear down—literally—American society to recreate it, they have been ruthlessly focused on the destruction of the eggs rather than the creation of the omelet. Yet, even after millions have perished in pursuit of the Left’s unobtainable socialist Eden, their destructive hubris persists and represses, because they believe their delusions of recreating society not only excuse but necessitate further destruction.

The creative among us feel the destruction about us. Novelist Walter Kirn has said, “I’m out of opinions right now. Feels like the world is overflowing with them, especially lately, and it’s driven me inside myself a bit.” American Greatness’ own Emina Melonic agreed: “I actually feel the same way. In a bit of an in-between place when it comes to writing.” 

For those pondering new acts of creation, such a feeling of enervation permeates this time of destruction. For those who have overcome this enervation and created, there has never been a more dangerous time. The Left’s identity politics spawned cancel culture. This is a destructive secular god, ravenous for sacrifices. Just ask Dave Chappelle. For those who create in other realms, be they cultural, political, social, or economic, the danger remains from the agents of destruction among us.

But this, too, is neither novel nor final. Thankfully, Kirn and Melonic will again write, opine, and create. Chappelle will remain a comedic genius. Moreover, throughout America, despite the destructive Left, people are uniting in common cause in creative ways to preserve and promote their legacy of liberty and protect their progeny. Consider the fate of  Terry McAuliffe and the Loudoun County School Board

True, within the original sin-stained universality of the human condition lurks the impulse to destroy, and sadly many succumb. Yet, the vast majority of people feel a greater need to create. If not, there would be no society to discuss or defend, as life would be incessant warfare without end. Fortunately, through God’s grace and mercy, as the destruction of the pandemic and the Left waxes and wanes, a chorus of creators will remain to pursue hope, truth, beauty, liberty, the good—and, above all, love.

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By Nick R. Hamilton

Nick has a broad background in journalism, business, and technology. He covers news on cryptocurrency, traditional assets, and economic markets.

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