Democrats Are Pushing America to Become the New Venezuela

Democrats are constantly pushing policies that oppose American citizens’ God-given constitutional rights, particularly the Second Amendment.

The Bill of Rights is very clear, however.

It does not have any stipulations pertaining to the Second Amendment rights of the American people.

The Second Amendment does not include any conditions such as the type of firearm, number of bullets in the magazine, caliber size, manufacturer, or how many firearms you can have on you or in your home.

It very clearly states that the citizens of the United States have the right to keep and bear arms.

It’s as simple as that: Nothing more. Nothing less.

Yet, we keep finding ourselves fighting new attacks against 2A.

Democrats will use every opportunity, no matter how minuscule the connection might be, to oppose the right to keep and bear arms for law-abiding citizens.

Pro-gun organizations are attacked and insulted for any reason if it gives the gun controllers an angle to push their agenda to strip almost all Americans of their God-given right to protect themselves against aggressors, private or governmental ones.

Social media giants help the cause by making invisible or banning posts they disagree with.

Our constitutional rights are disappearing at the combined hands of government and giant corporations.

Stripping the people of their right to protect themselves is a slippery slope toward the downfall of a free country.

It can rapidly turn a beautiful, resourceful, and free country into a living hell for its citizens.

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The radical Democrats are on a path to dismantle the United States, the way Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro and his predecessor Hugo Chavez have destroyed Venezuela in a matter of a decade.

This year in June, it will be ten years since Venezuela banned private gun ownership.

The new law banned all commercial sales of firearms and ammunition to private gun owners.

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro had succeeded Hugo Chavez, who had already installed a socialist regime.

Maduro’s ultimate goal was to disarm all civilians to keep the Marxists in power no matter what.

The only people who could buy firearms and ammunition since June 2012 have been the military, police, certain groups like security, and let’s not forget, the supporters of Nicolas Maduro’s regime.

Their excuse was that more had to be done to combat the more than 18,000 murders that Venezuela had had the year before in 2011.

That was the excuse and one that lots of Venezuelans bought.

Many didn’t yet realize what it would mean for their own safety against a radical leftist government that was out to impose iron-fisted control over its people and prevent the people from fighting back against a brutal regime.

It’s scary. It’s very scary, because it did not stop there, and violence and murder rates were not reduced, much less eliminated.

The Maduro dictatorship dismantled the Venezuelan constitution and now fully dominates the people by force.

For years, and with intensive pressure by the Obama Administration, the Democrats in the United States have also encouraged Americans to give up their firearms, while the politicians become better protected by armed guards themselves, paid for by the taxpayers.

The very same people who tell you to hand over your firearms and ammunition are those who spend your tax dollars for their personal protection.

It’s funny how that works.

In many places, state governments – the liberal-run states – have encouraged people to engage in buy-backs.

The Obama Administration most assuredly encouraged this brutal attack on our Second Amendment.

Like Nicolas Maduro, Obama’s objective was to disarm all Americans and make them vulnerable to iron-fist rule.

Surely, you remember when he thundered out to millions of Americans that change was on its way, but did he explain to you what kind of change he wanted?

No, not in detail, because he knew, and the Democrats know, that no one would have voted for him had he been honest and transparently disclosed that “fundamental change” meant discarding the Constitution’s “negative liberties” – the limits on what government can do to you.

The Democrats are sly.

They snake their way into your life piece by piece and infiltrate all aspects of American life.

They encourage you, bribe you with money.  If you give up your guns out of your own volition, you are the only one to be blamed.

You know that, right?

You took the bait, and now they got you under control because you have no firearms to protect yourself and your family if ever there’s a need.

And in socialist regimes, there will be a need.

Less than a decade after Maduro banned all gun and ammunition sales to private Venezuelans, reports started to emerge about how Venezuelans regretted terribly that they had let their dictator take their guns.

Venezuela has become a living hell for its people.

Their radical leftist government has descended into a cruel socialist nightmare.

Today, the Venezuelan people are starving to death.

Millions are out of work.

Buildings are deteriorating.

Violence erupts in the streets.

The shelves are empty.

Inflation is through the roof.

Their votes do not count anymore.

Freedom of speech has been criminalized.

Their right to own property without worrying that the government can take it any minute is ever-present.

They do not have the right to defend themselves under the socialist government, and the future of the Venezuelan children is looking bleak.

It sounds like Venezuela’s just a little further down the path Democrat-run cities across America are on, doesn’t it?

The Maduro regime called for a gun-free Venezuela, but what the people got was a prison.

That’s something that the American people must consider when they foolishly give up their rights, whether it’s the right to freedom of speech or the right to keep and bear arms.

Once you give up your rights, there is no turning back without bloodshed.

In 2017, the Venezuelan government armed 400,000 Loyalists.

Only those who are loyal to Dictator Maduro’s iron-fist rule are allowed to keep and bear arms.

In 2018, many Venezuelans had by then realized their mistake and called the gun ban “a declaration of war” against the people.

They were right to feel that way.

The disarmament of any nation makes its people defenseless against tyrants.

Only the oppressors have guns.

It’s about social control backed by force.

It’s not about security.

It’s about a monopoly on gun control, mind-control, violence, and money.

Let’s not forget the role of money.

Money is the number one motivator in robbing the people, as the government itself produces almost nothing.

Venezuela is a perfect example of that.

All dictatorships start this way: take control away from the people, make them defenseless, own them.

It’s modern-day slavery.

It’s not slavery as in a private master and slave.

It’s the state owning its people.

Gun control is people control and the taxpayers pay for it.

This is the truth and it’s up to you what you do with it but demand your God-given right to keep and bear arms and to freedom of speech.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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