Judge Bans MSNBC From Courtroom For Stalking Jury: “No one from MSNBC News will be permitted in this building”

Judge Schroeder just shocked the nation and banned MSNBC from the courtroom in the Kyle Rittenhiuse trial. Schroeder called back into court the prosecution and Kyle Rittenhouse and his team to discuss a police incident that happened last night when he told them what he was doing.

He said a man identified as “James G. Morrison” claimed to be a producer with MSNBC. Morrison said he was under the supervision of a producer in New York. He apparently tried to follow the jury bus to take photos of the jurors but was pulled over by police after running a red light.

Judge Schroeder said the jury is brought in from a different location in a “sealed bus” with covered windows. This incident is still under investigation by the police but the judge said no one from MSNBC will be permitted in the courtroom for the rest of the trial.

The judge said: “The jury in this case is being transported from a different location in a bus with windows covered so they don’t have to look at — aren’t exposed to — any signs by one side or the other, or interest in the case.

“So I’m going to call it a sealed bus. And that’s been done every day, and then they are brought here to this building.

“Last evening, a person who identified himself as James G. Morrison, and who claimed that he was a producer with NBC News, employed by MSNBC… the police when they stopped him because he was following in the distance and went through a red light, they pulled him over and inquired what was going on and he gave that information.”

He was trying to take pictures of the jury according to police reports. The Kenosha police said: “Last night a person who is alleging to be affiliated with a national media outlet was briefly taken into custody and issued several traffic related citations. Police suspect this person was trying to photograph jurors. This incident is being investigated much further.”

“This is a very serious matter and I don’t know what the ultimate truth of it is,” the judge said.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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