42-Year-Old ‘Transgender’ Arrested for Taking Photos of Underage Girls in School’s Female Restroom

A 42-year-old man has been arrested after he was caught taking photos of underage girls in a school’s female restroom.

The suspect was identified as Walter César Solís Caler, a biological male who claims to be a transgender “woman.”

Caler was arrested by police in Peru after he was caught dressing as a schoolgirl and filming children inside the girls’ restroom.

The incident took place at the “Rosa de América” all-girls school in the city of Huancayo, Peru.

According to local news, Caler disguised himself as a schoolgirl and walked through the school entrance, unchallenged.

He then hid in one of the restrooms, where he began recording and taking pictures of the children.

The vice principal confronted Caler when she saw that he was using his cell phone on school grounds, which is forbidden.

She took him to the principal believing he was one of the students.

However, she quickly called the police after she found out that he was actually a middle-aged man disguised as a female student.

When the authorities checked his phone, they discovered he had broken into several different schools while posing as a girl student.

Police in Peru are now looking into whether or not the suspect is part of a global pedophile network.

The incident has caused a major backlash from outraged parents.

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Video shows Caler being attacked by a furious mob while he was being escorted in handcuffs by police.

In one clip, officers can be seen stuffing Caler in the trunk of a police car to protect him from angry parents.


Police were called by school administrators, but the word quickly began to spread that something had happened at the school, Reduxx reported.

Several parents were alerted that a trans predator had been caught spying on the schoolgirls and began gathering outside the school gates before police had even arrived.

The parents waited until Caler was led outside and attacked him, despite the police presence.

One of the parents even punched a police officer in an attempt to take justice into his own hands, and officers had to intervene to hold him back.

Erick Acosta, the commanding police officer of El Tambo, stated that the father was taken in for questioning.

However, the police reportedly understood he was acting out of impulse due to the disturbing circumstances.

The suspect underwent a forensic medical examination and was placed in the custody of a specialized unit of the National Police.

Caler was taken to the Criminal Investigation Division of Huancayo, where he will be interrogated and subjected to psychological examinations, as ordered by Public Prosecutor María Gutiérrez Fernández, who specializes in violence against women.

“This male person has been found dressed as a schoolgirl, in full uniform, even with braids,” Gutiérrez said.

“Cognizant of these facts, we are taking the appropriate and most immediate action to be able to find evidence that will allow us to successfully convict.”

The Peruvian National Police confirmed that Caler has a previous record for the sexual harassment of minors.

Police are now investigating his links to an international pedophile network after finding additional disturbing photos and videos on his cell phone.

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