Satanic ‘Drag Mom’ Jailed for Multiple Felony Child Abuse Crimes

A satanic drag queen has been jailed by an Oregon judge after he was convicted of 11 felony child abuse crimes.

31-year-old Kelsey Meta Boren, a biological male who claims to be transgender, pled guilty on March 23 to 11 counts of encouraging child sexual abuse in the first degree.

Another charge of using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct was dismissed.

Boren, who describes himself as a “drag mom,” mentored an 11-year-old at a Satan-themed pub in Oregon.

After being convicted of 11 felonies, Boren was sentenced to serve just 11 months in prison.

He also received a slap on the wrist of five years probation.

The court also ordered that Boren will need his probation officer’s permission to have contact with minors.

He will also be banned from contact with the victim and will have to register as a sex offender.

Boren was arrested back in August after police received tips alleging he was uploading child pornography to the Internet, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office in Eugene, Oregon, said.

A detective said in a court document that a sexually explicit image of a child estimated as 12 or younger was found to have been uploaded multiple times from email accounts that were traced back to Boren.

At the time, Boren was an instructional assistant in the Fern Ridge School District.

After his arrest, Boren was suspended from his position and barred from school grounds and from having contact with students, the district said.

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The sheriff’s office said no children Boren knew through his job were identified as victims.

Before his arrest, Boren posted several photos of himself with an 11-year-old child.

The young child was identified as a boy who had been dressed up as a drag queen called “Vanellope MacPherson DuPont.”

On his Instagram, Boren said he was the child’s “drag mom.”

Boren’s Instagram handle was “alwaizcraving.”

In October, the Satan-themed Old Nick’s Pub in Eugene, Oregon, said it was hosting 11-year-old “Vanellope” for a drag queen event.

“Vanellope is here to show you what an 11-year-old drag queen can do,” a Facebook post by the pub promoting the event read.

“With all the charm and sweetness of a bowl of sugary cereal, Vanellope is here to brighten up your morning with all her [sic] drag talent,” the post said.

Boren helped to organize the October event, which happened two months after he was arrested.

About 200 protesters and supporters showed up to the event, some armed with semi-automatic rifles, police said.

Protesters opposing the events carried a sign reading, “What kind of monster exposes kids to this?”

Supporters yelled “go home Nazis” and had a banner reading “protect trans youth.”

“Vanellope” reportedly did not end up performing in the event as planned.

However, the pub has also hosted Drag Queen Story Hour events featuring “Vanellope,” as well as drag burlesque events with adult drag queens that do not include the young performer.

The pub accused critics of sexualizing the child performer and remarked in one Facebook comment that “it all boils down to fundamental misogyny.”

The 11-year-old boy’s family and friends have since released a statement saying the relationship between the child and Boren was “professional” only and they only met “maybe four or five time[s].”

“Meta-Boren was not a family friend, nor was she [sic] ever a mentor for V in the drag world,” their statement said.

“They, also, have not had any contact since before covid, and all ties have been severed as of the time of Meta-Boren’s arrest in August.”

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