Armed Woman Guns Down ‘Raging’ Thug Trying to Break Her Front Door Down

An armed woman has exercised her Second Amendment right to defend herself by gunning down a “raging” thug who was trying to violently break into her home.

Arizona homeowner Jenele Williams says she was forced to fire shots through her front door to protect herself and her 16-year-old son when a violent home invader tried to break it down.

The incident occurred over the weekend as Williams and her son tried to leave their apartment.

She said they planning to go to the grocery store but were forced to run for cover when they were confronted by an aggressive man outside.

Williams said she saw a man yelling and screaming at the apartment complex.

Instead, they ran back inside while fearing for their safety.

She says the man turned his attention to her and her son and chased them to their home.

The thug followed them to their apartment and started trying to break down her door.

“I opened my door like a deer caught in headlights,” she told KSAZ-TV. ”

“We make eye contact and I was like, ‘oh you’re right here.’

To almost knock a door down like that, you have to be really raging.”

She said she retrieved her gun and warned him before firing.

“It was going to come down,” she said of the door as recalled the harrowing incident.

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“I saw it bend in, like bend, not break or crack, just bend.

“That’s when I was announcing already, ‘Hey, I got a gun, I got a gun. Get away from my house.’

“Then, I shot. I fired,” she said.

Thankfully, Williams added that she remembered she was in a stand-your-ground state.

Arizona encourages citizens to fire their weapons in order to defend themselves.

“It’s not the shooting range. It’s real life,” Williams explained.

“What went through my head was, ‘This is a stand-your-ground state, this is a stand-your-ground state, so you can defend yourself, Jenelle.’

“I’m just aiming, and I’m like, ‘He’s coming in, you can defend yourself, Jenelle.’

“It took a lot of courage to do that.”

She called the police and they arrived but were unable to identify the alleged suspect.

Williams believes that the man was involved in a domestic violence situation with another tenant in the apartment complex.

She added that she was a survivor of domestic violence herself and that her father had recently told her to buy a gun to protect herself.

“I finally did earlier this year,” she said.

“It just kind of happened.

“I happened to be there, and they happened to have it and I happened to get it.

“I’m very happy that I did.”


Thankfully, Williams was armed and aware of her right to defend herself.

Otherwise, the story could have turned out very differently.

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