Biden Campaign Accused of Pushing ‘Another Hoax’ about Trump

Democrat President Joe Biden’s campaign appears to be getting desperate after pushing more false and out-of-context claims on social media.

Biden has been accused of promoting “another hoax” after his campaign’s social media account yet again attempted to smear President Donald Trump with a short video clip taken out of context.

The Biden-Harris re-election campaign posted a clip that left out key context from Trump’s speech about illegal aliens committing violent crimes across America.

The account, which uses the username “Biden-Harris HQ,” posted a deceptively edited 7-second clip of Trump saying illegal immigrants are “animals.”

However, the video cut out Trump’s statement from just seconds before that shows the comment was directed to migrants recently convicted of murder.

“Democrats said please don’t call immigrants ‘animals.’ I said, no, they’re not humans, they’re animals,” Trump is seen saying in the short clip posted by the campaign account.

The clip leaves out key context from moments before when the 45th president was discussing the illegal alien arrested for the murder of Laken Riley.

In Trump’s full statement, conveniently left out by the Biden account, the Republican presidential candidate said:

“Just a few weeks ago I met with the grieving family of Laken Riley.”

He added that the 22-year-old was “barbarically murdered by an illegal alien animal.

“Democrats said please don’t call immigrants ‘animals.’

“I said, ‘no, they’re not humans, they’re animals.'”

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In the speech, Trump discussed recent examples in which young Americans have been killed by illegal aliens who have crossed Biden’s open Southern Border.

Specifically, he mentioned 25-year-old Ruby Garcia, who was allegedly murdered by an illegal alien who was deported in 2020 but re-entered the U.S. during Biden’s term.

The Trump team, along with many conservatives, blasted the Biden campaign for not including the full context of the quote.

“Why is the Biden campaign constantly jumping to the defense of bloodthirsty illegal alien murderers who killed American citizens?” Team Trump posted on X.

“President Trump was clearly speaking of Laken Riley’s killer here.”

“Democrats can’t even say Laken Riley’s name but will get angry when Trump refers to her killer as an animal,” State Freedom Caucus Network Comms Director Greg Price posted on X.

“Crazy how the Biden campaign account can push lies like this all day and never be fact-checked,” comedian Tim Young posted on X.

“Another day and another hoax from the Biden campaign,” Don Trump Jr. posted on X.

“It’s bloodbath part two.

“Here is the full video where Trump is clearly calling the illegal who murdered Laken Riley an animal.

“Does Biden think her killer is a good person and not an animal???”

“Biden defending Riley’s accused murderer,” Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller posted on X.

“Biden’s misinformation is disgusting — a pathetic, embarrassing, contemptuous affront to Americans who just want to feel safe in their own backyards,” the Republican National Convention (RNC) posted on X.

“Never before has an American president defended illegal aliens over his country’s own citizens.”

The Biden campaign clip has been viewed almost 5 million times on X.

On Tuesday, Trump held rallies in both Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Green Bay, Wisconsin.

He gave two speeches that both focused heavily on immigration and Biden’s role in the issue.

“I’m here tonight to declare that Joe Biden’s border bloodbath… this is a border bloodbath — ends the day I take the oath of office,” Trump told the Green Bay crowd.

“With your vote, I will seal the border.

“I will stop the invasion.

“I will end the carnage, bloodshed, and killing, and we will crush the human traffickers.”

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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