California Preschool Teacher Demands ‘Queerness’ Taught to Toddlers, Blasts ‘Innocence’ of Children

A “woke” California preschool teacher has been provoking outrage on social media among concerned parents after making inflammatory demands for “inappropriate” subjects to be taught to young children.

For several months, California teacher William “Willy” Villalpando has been blasting the idea of “childhood innocence” in social media posts, claiming it is a “myth.”

He is demanding that “inappropriate” such as “queerness” and “sexuality” should be taught to toddlers.

Since the posts on his scrubbed social media accounts first started to gain attention in February, the Rialto Unified School District has refused to confirm whether Villalpando is employed as a teacher.

However, after receiving a tip from a concerned source, Fox News has now confirmed the teacher works at Trapp Preschool and is working with its schoolchildren in the pre-K age group.

“There is a common mythology that children live in this world of pure innocence, and that by introducing or exposing them to the real-world adults are somehow shattering this illusion for them,” Villalpando said in a social media post.

“Therefore, there is a banning of topics and issues that children should not be exposed to, as if they are not experiencing them already.”

According to his scrubbed website, Villalpando describes himself as an expert at developing a child’s “gender identity.”

“While I absolutely love working with young children, my passions really lie in teaching others why we do the things we do and advocating on behalf of young children and their families,” he stated on his website.

“My research and interest areas is in gender development in young children, and the impact that early educators have on that development.”

Villalpando also answered a question about whether speaking to preschool kids about gender and sexuality is inappropriate.

“Absolutely not,” Villalpando said, defending the topics.

“Infants begin making gendered association by the time they are 10 MONTHS OLD!” he claimed, without evidence.

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“By the time they are 3 most children can label what gender they believe they identify with and by 4 they can tell you what that gender means for what they can or cannot do.”

He went on to claim that 3-month-old babies can be discriminating agents in society.

“With race, when a child is 3 months old they begin to visually discriminate based on race, favoring those that are the same race as their caregivers,” he claimed, again, without providing evidence.

“Children as young as 2 begin to use race to reason about people’s behaviors.”

He concluded, “Children experience gender and race every day.

“They need (and deserve) [to see] themselves to feel seen, and them to see others not like them.”

On another occasion, he said on his Instagram, “I’m tired of the ‘Childhood Innocence’ argument…

“Stop blaming a phenomenon that doesn’t exist.”

He went on to attack the idea that children shouldn’t be exposed to “sexuality,” claiming that “such a view is a very white, Christian, upper-class, cis-gendered, and hetero-centric.”

“Not talking about Queerness in the Classroom, is NOT Letting Children be Children,” he said in September 2021.

“It’s Telling Those people They Do Not Deserve to Exist.

“Kids are never too young,” the early childhood educator said.

“Let’s work to deconstruct some of our own biases. (Adults incorrectly link discussions on sexuality and gender as equating to discussions about sex.)”

He said in a November 2022 podcast of “Rainbow Parenting” that “we have so many people who tell us that this is inappropriate stuff we can’t talk about.

“And so I’m like, hey, no, we can talk about this.”

The teacher went on to say that if parents didn’t have the conversations with kids, it was up to teachers to foster classroom environments that “may make others uncomfortable.”

“Children who are exposed to environments with more fluid understandings of gender, are more likely to understand that gender is fluid.”

He added that educators should talk to very young children about “queerness,” even if parents choose to avoid the topic.

“Parents haven’t already had conversations about these things with their kids, that kids don’t know, that they might be intersex, that they might be agender… non-binary,” he said.

“And really, children have a right to see themselves in our classrooms.

“It’s not okay to just forget about them or push them out just because it might make us uncomfortable or may make others uncomfortable.”

According to Villalpando, “talking to children about gender” includes telling them that it is a “social construct.”

“This goes alongside teaching children to ask others for their pronouns,” he said.

“Trust me when I say children get this so much faster than adults give them credit for.

“Let kids practice with you.

“[C]hildren are exploring and understanding gendered association before they say their first words,” he alleged.

“Around 3 to 4 months old, infants [sic] show a sex and gender preference in who they look at.”

“At 3 years old, a child can label their perceived gender identity,” he added.

“By 4 years old, children have a stable sense of their gender identity and have assumptions and beliefs of what they can and cannot do based on their gender (i.e. dolls are for girls, cars are for boys).”

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