Canada to Sentence Citizens to ‘Life Imprisonment’ for ‘Hate’

The Canadian government is rapidly advancing plans to usher in full-blown tyranny and will soon begin sentencing citizens to life in prison if they are found guilty of committing the “crime” of so-called “hate”

Many are likening the new laws to George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984” as Canada will soon start handing out severe penalties for wrongthink.

The push for life sentences is part of “liberal” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “anti-hate” legislation.

The shocking new law, buried in bill C-6, states:

Everyone who commits an offense under this act or any other act of Parliament, if the commission of the offense is motivated by hatred based on race, national or ethnic origin, language, color, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation or gender identity or expression, is guilty of an indictable offense and liable to imprisonment for life.

However, the bill only gets worse the further you read.

The new law will also offer cash bribes to members of the public “anonymously” snitch on their fellow citizens for committing “hate.”

The bill states:

It [C-6 bill] allows someone to make a complaint of a discrimination anonymously … if that hateful complaint is found legit, a maximum of 20,000 [Canadian] dollars goes to that person.

Meanwhile, similar legislation to define and crack down on in-person and online “hate” is being pushed across Europe.

Just recently, in Belgium, former Flemish parliamentarian Dries Van Langenhove was sentenced to one year in prison.

The reason for this sentence was for sharing supposedly “racist memes” in a private group chat.

The new law from Canada comes as Trudeau’s World Economic Forum-controlled administration seeks to rapidly advance the nation’s descent into globalist tyranny.

The government has been pushing several new laws that seek to strip the public of their freedoms.

As Slay News reported, among the draconian new laws are powers that allow authorities to begin jailing citizens who “might” commit a crime.

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Trudeau’s government is pushing for the new “pre-crime” authority which officials claim will help to tackle so-called “hate crimes.”

The new powers are buried in Trudeau’s “Online Harms Bill,” which is expected to soon be signed into law, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The “Online Harms Bill” is designed to crack down on any opposition to the “progressive” agenda of Trudeau’s ruling Liberal Party.

One of the measures within the bill would give judges the power to imprison individuals if they believe they “might” commit a crime in the future.

Meanwhile, the government is also pushing new laws that seek to criminalize Christianity, as Slay News recently reported.

Trudeau’s administration is planning to make Bible reading and prayer considered “hate speech” – a “crime” punishable with prison time.

Under Trudeau, a WEF Young Global Leader, the government is introducing an amendment to the Criminal Code.

The amendment could see believers face jail time for expressing historic Christian teachings.

The legislation, Bill C-367, will make it illegal to reiterate certain parts of the Bible.

By stripping away the “good faith” defense, the government will be able to prosecute Christians for what is deemed by the globalist state as “hate speech.”

Traditional Christian practices such as celebrating Christmas or attending church service will be considered crimes that carry severe penalties.

Additionally, Slay News recently reported globalist lawmakers in Canada are pushing a disturbing new piece of legislation that seeks to jail members of the public who question the “Net Zero” agenda of the unelected WEF.

The push aims to tackle so-called “climate skepticism” as governments around the world scramble to meet the WEF’s “Net Zero” goals.

The legislation, Bill C-372, was introduced by Canada’s left-wing socialist New Democratic Party (NDP).

Under the bill, the promotion of fossil fuel use will be outlawed with restrictions similar to tobacco advertising applied.

Those who speak in favor of fossil fuels, or criticize plans to eliminate them, will face massive fines and possible prison time.

The “anti-hate” laws are so extreme that even radical leftists are calling out the government over the push.

The environmental activist, feminist, and author, Margaret Atwood slammed the government’s “Online Harms Bill” in a social media post.

Atwood called the bill “Trudeau’s Orwellian online harms bill” and stated “If this account of the bill is true, it’s Lettres de Cachet all over again,” referring to letters signed by the King of France granting him absolute authority.

On Tuesday, Canadian psychologist Jordan Pederson, who’s already expressed shock and disapproval at the bill, responded to Atwood’s comments, stating:

“If even the mother of the progressive feminists in Canada thinks that Bill C-63 is dangerous then perhaps the rest of us might think twice as well.”

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By Frank Bergman

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