Chief Justice John Roberts Takes Veiled Swipe at Chuck Schumer’s ‘Mob’ Rule in Year End Report

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts took a veiled shot at Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) over the top Democrat’s “mob” rule.

Roberts took the swipe in his annual report on the state of the federal judiciary by focusing on threats to judges’ physical safety.

Schumer’s (D-NY) threats against Brett Kavanaugh came back to haunt him over the summer after an armed man was arrested on his way to kill the Supreme Court justice in June.

Police said the leftist they arrested was upset with Roe v. Wade and wanted to kill Kavanaugh, as Slay News previously reported at the time.

In March 2020, Schumer spoke at a pro-abortion rally where he made direct threats to Kavanaugh over his pro-life stance.

“Now, we stand here today because behind me, inside the walls of this court, the Supreme Court is hearing arguments, as you know, for the first major abortion rights cases since Kavanaugh and Gorsuch came to the bench,” Schumer told the crowd.

“We know what’s at stake.

“Over the last three years, women’s reproductive rights have come under attack in a way we haven’t seen in modern history.

“From Louisiana to Missouri, to Texas, Republican legislatures are waging a war on women, all women, and they’re taking away fundamental rights.

“I want to tell you, Gorsuch, I want to tell you, Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price,” Schumer said.

“You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

Roberts appeared to make a reference to Schumer’s action in his report, saying:

“The law requires every judge to swear an oath to perform his or her work without fear or favor, but we must support judges by ensuring their safety.

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“A judicial system cannot and should not live in fear.

“Judicial opinions speak for themselves, and there is no obligation in our free country to agree with them.

“Indeed, we judges frequently dissent—sometimes strongly—from our colleagues’ opinions, and we explain why in public writings about the cases before us. But Judge Davies was physically threatened for following the law.

“His wife feared for his safety. The judge was uncowed, and happily so were others who stuck up for the rule of law—not just with regards to the judge, but to even greater threats against the schoolchildren, their families, and leaders like the NAACP’s Daisy Bates.

“Following a bomb threat on the Sam Peck Hotel where Judge Davies was staying across the street from the courthouse, the judge offered to the proprietor to move elsewhere.

“Mr. Peck said, ‘no Judge, you stay right here.’

“I want to thank the Members of Congress who are attending to judicial security needs— these programs and the funding of them are essential to run a system of courts.

“Judge Esther Salas, a U.S. District Judge in New Jersey, has been a brave, able, and admirable advocate for this cause since her son Daniel Anderl was murdered in 2020 when he answered the door to her home in what was meant to be an attack on her.

“Just this month, Congress enacted the Daniel Anderl Judicial Security and Privacy Act to help protect judges and their families.

“The law requires every judge to swear an oath to perform his or her work without fear or favor, but we must support judges by ensuring their safety.

“A judicial system cannot and should not live in fear. The events of Little Rock teach about the importance of rule by law instead of by mob.

“I thank the U.S. Marshals, Court Security Officers, Federal Protective Service Officers, Supreme Court Police Officers, and their partners who are on duty as we ring in the year, working to ensure that judges can sit in courtrooms to serve the public throughout the coming year and beyond.

“They will make it possible for every American to visit a courthouse, because the buildings and what they represent belong to the public.

“Once again this year, I am privileged and honored to thank all of the judges, court staff, and other judicial branch personnel throughout the Nation for their outstanding service,” he said.

Schumer said earlier that Justices Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch “won’t know what hit” them if they rule in favor of abortion restrictions.

Roberts slammed Schumer at the time saying:

“Justices know that criticism comes with the territory, but threatening statements of this sort from the highest levels of government are not only inappropriate, they are dangerous.

“All members of the court will continue to do their job, without fear or favor, from whatever quarter.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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