Covid Death Rates Double Among Vaxxed, Top Study Shows

A major peer-reviewed study has revealed that deaths from COVID-19 soared among those who received mRNA shots to supposedly protect them from the virus.

A team of top researchers from Ohio State University found that death rates doubled among the vaxxed when compared to those who were unvaccinated.

According to the study, published in the renowned Frontiers Journal, patients who were hospitalized with COVID-19 were twice as likely to die if they had received an mRNA injection.

The team of leading scientists, immunologists, and oncologists, includes:

In the “Results” section of the study, the researchers wrote:

“Among COVID-19 patients, mortality rate was significantly higher among Vax vs. NVax patients (p=0.002).

“The Charlson’s Comorbidity Index score (CCI) was also significantly higher among Vax vs. NVax COVID-19 patients.

“However, the mortality risk remained significantly higher (p=0.02) when we compared COVID-19 Vax vs. NVax patients with similar CCI score, suggesting that additional factors may increase risk of mortality.”

The study was based on data from Covid patients who were hospitalized between May 2020 and November 2022.

“Interestingly, mortality among Vax patients in this cohort was 70% compared with 37% in the NVax group, and overall survival rate was ~2 times higher in the NVax patients,” the researchers note in the study’s paper.

According to the researchers, the more doses of Covid mRNA shots the patients were injected with, the higher the likelihood it was that they would die.

In the “Discussion” section of the study’s paper, the researchers note:

“Of special relevance to our data, Piotr Rzymski et al. reported that (9) among subgroups of Vax hospitalized patients (representing 1% of all hospitalized), mortality rates increased with additional vaccine doses and increased post-vaccination time.”

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In addition, the study found that hospitals were routinely listing deaths among the vaccinated as being unvaccinated.

This discovery provides further evidence to support previous reporting regarding widespread efforts to mislead the public about Covid death rates.

As Slay News reported last month, a separate new study from London, England has uncovered evidence from official government data showing that deaths among people vaccinated for Covid have been recorded as being unvaccinated.

The move apparently sought to make the Covid mRNA injections appear “safe” while also stoking fear among the unvaccinated by showing a false spike in deaths of people who purportedly hadn’t received the shots.

The alarming discovery was found in the database of the UK government’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) for mortality rates in 2021.

Initially, the official figures suggested a large spike in deaths among those who had not received Covid mRNA injections.

These figures appeared to support the narrative that people were more likely to die by not taking the “safe and effective” shots.

However, researchers discovered that the vaccination status of the dead had been altered.

The study of the UK government data uncovered systematic miscategorizations of vaccination status.

This evidence has emerged amid mounting allegations that doctors and hospitals were under significant pressure to inflate the figures for “Covid deaths.”

As Slay News reported, several whistleblowers have provided explosive testimony during an official inquiry, revealing that hospitals were euthanizing patients during the pandemic and blaming their deaths on Covid.

The patients were reportedly given a lethal drug combination before their deaths were listed under “COVID-19” in an apparent effort to boost the number of fatalities from the virus.

The bombshell testimonies were provided during the ongoing Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry.

The witnesses specifically testified that elderly patients were being unnecessarily administered end-of-life protocols.

However, the issue wasn’t just limited to Scotland, as Slay News previously reported.

A damning report emerged in February that sent shockwaves around the world after an investigation into the high numbers of “Covid deaths” during the pandemic uncovered evidence that tens of thousands of elderly people were actually murdered to boost the mortality rates.

The official UK government data produced for the report indicated that people across England were also being euthanized using a fatal injection of midazolam.

The cause of their deaths was then listed as “Covid,” indicating that the virus was killing far more elderly people than it was.

The widespread and persistent efforts to kill patients and amplify Covid death figures in the UK suggest a possible systemic policy to promote mRNA shots on a global level.

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