Covid Shots Caused Surge in Sudden Cardiac Deaths Among Pilots, Study Finds

A bombshell new study has confirmed that the surge in sudden cardiac-related deaths among pilots over the last three years was caused by Covid mRNA shots.

The study was led by an eminent Board Certified Endocrinologist Dr. Julian Yin Vieira Borges.

Borges, who is also board-certified in medical nutrition research, conducted a systematic review of peer-reviewed literature, international aviation databases, and pilot associations in order to identify the cause of the surge in sudden deaths.

The team of Brazilian researchers analyzed the relevant data involving sudden cardiac death (SCD) among aviation pilots.

The analysis focused on trends in SCD prevalence, risk factors, prevention strategies, and recent findings.

During the study, the team investigated the potential impact of COVID-19, the role of mRNA injections, and important biomarkers to screen for predisposition.

The author of this study bravely raises the reality that the Covid mRNA shots are directly linked to cardiovascular concerns such as myocarditis and SCD.

The study’s paper was uploaded to the preprint medical journal medRxiv.

As Slay News has long reported, SCD threatens flight safety which of course can lead to tragic outcomes.

Sudden cardiac deaths are an ongoing threat to pilots and the leading cause of pilot mortality worldwide.

Dr. Borges investigates the trends in SCD among pilots from a global perspective, analyzing evidence from 2011 to 2023.

The study focuses on the growing impact of SCD as a global crisis and recent findings pointing to a potential rise in incidence, particularly after the rollout of the Covid mRNA shots, which were mandated for most pilots.

According to the study, “The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has recognized SCD as a significant threat to aviation safety and has called for a global effort to address this issue.”

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The ICAO asserts the solution is “robust medical screening, regular health assessments, and the implementation of preventive strategies to mitigate the risk of SCD among pilots.”

Nevertheless, despite such efforts, “SCD remains a persistent concern in the aviation industry.

“Current guidelines and protocols for cardiovascular risk assessment in pilots vary across countries and airlines.

“The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) provides general recommendations for medical examination of pilots, including cardiovascular evaluation.”

However, given the lack of universal adoption, plus a lack of standardization in the scope and frequency of cardiovascular risk assessment the author herein identifies “the need for a comprehensive and evidence-based protocol to mitigate the risk of SCD in pilots.”

According to the systematic review by Dr. Borges, the recent literature suggests a potential increase in SCD incidence among pilots after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The doctor notes that “Cardiovascular complications, increased stress, disruptions in healthcare, and changes in lifestyle” normally lead to an increased risk of cardiac death.

However, it doesn’t explain why SCD surged after the pandemic across the board among pilots.

Looking for biomarker indicators for a high probability of SCD risk, the reviewed literature suggests “biomarkers such as troponin, N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP), and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) have been identified as potential indicators of increased SCD risk in pilots.”

A leading cause of death worldwide, SCD claims an estimated 17 million lives annually.

In the United States alone, SCD accounts for over 350,000 deaths each year, with a significant proportion occurring in seemingly healthy individuals.

The period from 2011 to 2023 has witnessed a significant shift in the landscape of aviation safety.

The threat of sudden cardiac death (SCD) among pilots is of particular concern for aviation safety.

Recent studies suggest a potential increase in SCD incidence among pilots following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The author raises questions covering the range of scenarios that may contribute to this potential rise in heart failure:

  • Cardiovascular complications
  • Increased stress
  • Disruptions in healthcare (due to COVID-19)
  • Changes in lifestyle

Importantly, Borges bravely warns about the “role of COVID-19 vaccination in increasing the risk of myocarditis, a condition that can lead to SCD.”

After warning about the link between SCD and Covid injections, the Brazilian doctor calls for investigations into the “vaccination and SCD risk.”

The Brazilian endocrinologist asserts that the Covid mRNA injections are responsible for the surge of sudden cardiac deaths

He notes that the study uncovered evidence that has caused concerns to be “raised about this potential link.”

Yet the author notes that the number of studies investigating this association with Covid shots was limited.

Therefore, he concludes that “further research is needed to confirm these findings and ensure the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in the aviation industry.”

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