Democrat Donors Blame Jill Biden for Not Advising Husband to Pull Out of Presidential Race

Several high-powered Democrat donors pulled out of a fundraiser for President Joe Biden on Tuesday following his historically disastrous debate performance last week.

Many are casting blame on First Lady Jill Biden for not advising her husband to pull out of the 2024 presidential race.

Jill Biden was set to attend multiple fundraisers Sunday.

However, donors have been pulling out of one set of events for the Hamptons after seeing the debate.

As Slay News reported, Biden’s slurring responses, gaffes, brain freezes, and confused statements during the debate set off alarm bells everywhere – including among his campaign funders.

“Lots of people are blaming his wife… for not telling him [to step aside],” one donor told the New York Post.

The New York Times reported that the first lady believes her husband was just having a “bad night” on Thursday.

However, while speaking to the president like he’s a well-behaved toddler, Jill Biden publicly praised her husband, saying he “answered all the questions.”

According to the Times, several megadonors from Silicon Valley tried to reach out to the first lady on Saturday to convince her to get the president to step aside.

Nevertheless, they apparently failed to get an audience with her.

Biden said Friday that he doesn’t walk as well as he used to, but claims he’s still a better candidate than Trump.

Left-leaning pundits called his debate performance “babbling,” “hoarse,” and “a problem.”

However, none raised concerns that referenced how he walked.

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While some like the Democrat National Committee won’t admit to any panic, others are getting to the point of insisting Biden step aside.

A Times op-ed by Thomas Friedman declared that it was time for Biden to step down, and arguments on both sides have ensued.

Biden insists he’s staying in the race.

Jill Biden either agrees or is the one pulling the strings behind his decision.

The first lady coincidentally appears on Vogue magazine’s cover this month.

The caption on the front reads, “We will decide our future.”

Besides complaints from Republicans about how Melania Trump, a former supermodel, never got offered a Vogue cover while first lady, the cover reveals more than it intends to with one word: “we.”

If Joe Biden is so competent mentally, why doesn’t it say “Joe will decide his future”?

Because everyone knows Jill Biden is the one pulling the strings along with fellow puppeteers Barack Obama and Ron Klain.

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