Ex-Clinton Advisor Doug Schoen: Biden ‘Out of the Race in a Couple of Weeks’

Former Bill Clinton advisor Doug Schoen has asserted that President Joe Biden will soon drop his re-election bid.

Biden will be “out of the race in a couple of weeks” following his abysmal first debate with President Donald Trump, Schoen predicts.

Schoen, a top Democrat political analyst, weighed in on the situation during an appearance on Fox News’s “The Faulkner Focus.”

Biden is facing calls to withdraw from the 2024 presidential race after his poor debate performance last week.

Moreover, there have been reports that Biden admitted to a “key ally” that he’s aware he has all but blown his chances of re-election.

However, the White House disputed this claim through gaslighting spokesman Andrew Bates.

“That claim is absolutely false,” Bates said shortly after the NY Times published the story.

“If the New York Times had provided us with more than 7 minutes to comment, we would have told them so,” he added.

Still, even the staunchest supporters are calling for him to step aside as Biden digs in his heels.

Schoen believes Biden has no choice but to “drop out” now that the truth is apparent, Fox News reported.

He noted that “if the Democratic establishment, the congressional leadership, the grassroots of the party say he can’t handle a campaign, he’s not up to the job, he’s too old…

“Joe Biden will have no choice but to drop out.”

The veteran strategist noted that powerful Democrats such as former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are also beating the same drum after watching Biden stammer, freeze, and look confused during the debate.

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“He cannot sustain a campaign if the party turns against him,” Schoen said.

“And everything I’m seeing now is that is both happening and happening with great rapidity.

“States that were not in play are now in play,” Schoen said.

“And the seven swing states all show comfortable leads.

“If that continues, it will be impossible, in my judgment, for Joe Biden to stay in the race politically,” he added.

“And if the cognitive issues appear as serious as they did during the debate, I can tell you he will be out of the race within a couple of weeks.”

There are many who believe the fallout from the debate is impossible to overcome, but Biden still has supporters in high places.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is among the Democrats who are still standing behind Biden.

On June 28, just a day after Biden’s disastrous performance on the debate stage, Clinton took to social media to show her continued support.

“The choice in this election remains very simple,” Clinton said in a post on X.

“It’s a choice between someone who cares about you—your rights, your prospects, your future—versus someone who’s only in it for himself.

“I’ll be voting Biden,” Clinton added.

Vice President Kamala Harris has similarly continued to back Biden in the face of almost certain defeat.

“It was a slow start; that’s obvious to everyone,” Harris told CNN’s Anderson Cooper, according to The Hill.

“I’m not going to debate that point.

“I’m talking about the choice in November”

Biden can’t hide from the truth even if the powerful Clintons or his vice president are behind him.

Schoen is correct that Biden’s days in the 2024 presidential race are numbered after Americans witnessed the age-addled commander-in-chief bomb spectacularly against Trump.

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By Nick R. Hamilton

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