Elon Musk Fires Back after Getting Subpoenaed in Jeffery Epstein Case: ‘That Cretin Never Advised Me’

Twitter boss Elon Musk has fired back after getting subpoenaed by U.S. Virgin Islands prosecutors in their Jeffrey Epstein-linked case against JPMorgan Chase.

The U.S. Virgin Islands is suing JPMorgan over allegations that America’s largest bank was aware of and benefited from Epstein’s sex trafficking.

According to court documents, Musk has just been hit with a subpoena in the case.

The Virgin Islands said it had grounds to suspect that Epstein might have referred or tried to refer Musk to the banking giant as a client.

Musk is one of several billionaires who have received subpoenas by the Virgin Islands, including Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, according to Bloomberg.

The subpoena from the U.S. territory requests that Musk produces documents showing his communications with JPMorgan about Epstein and communications with Epstein about JPMorgan.

It also asks him to produce “documents reflecting or regarding fees [he] paid to Epstein and/or JPMorgan in connection with [his] accounts, transactions, or relationship at JPMorgan” and “documents reflecting or regarding Epstein’s involvement in human trafficking and/or his procurement of girls or women for commercial sex.”

The Virgin Islands said in the filing that it had attempted to serve Musk with the subpoena on April 28, but was unsuccessful.

Musk fired back at the subpoena with an angry response on Twitter.

“This is idiotic on so many levels,” Musk tweeted.

“1. That cretin never advised me on anything whatsoever.

“2. The notion that I would need or listen to financial advice from a dumb crook is absurd.

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“3. JPM let Tesla down ten years ago, despite having Tesla’s global commercial banking business, which we then withdrew.

“I have never forgiven them.”

Meanwhile, the US Virgin Islands has also been unable to subpoena Google co-founder Larry Page in connection with its investigation into Jeffrey Epstein, according to federal court filings.

As Slay News reported, Page has apparently gone missing after the subpoena was issued.

In a motion filed last week by the USVI Attorney General, process servers have attempted to reach Page at four different addresses – none of which were “valid.”

“The Government made good-faith attempts to obtain an address for Larry Page, including hiring an investigative firm to search public records databases for possible addresses,” reads a filing.

“Our process server attempted service at the addresses identified by our investigative firm, but discovered the addresses were not valid for Mr. Page.”

As such, prosecutors are asking the court to allow Page to be summoned via Alphabet, Google’s parent company, as Page still serves on its board.

Page’s whereabouts are unknown, prosecutors revealed.

In December, he was said to have spent the bulk of the Covid pandemic on one of his growing number of private islands – some of which are within the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Page purchased Hans Lollik and its smaller neighboring island, Little Hans Lollik, in 2014 for $23 million.

Page’s island is close to Epstein’s former private island, Little St. James.

Little St. James was dubbed “Pedophile Island” by locals and authorities due to the number of older men and underage girls that traveled to and from the secluded location.

“Larry Page – the co-founder and co-owner of Alphabet Inc. (Google LLC’s parent company) – is a high-net-worth individual who Epstein may have referred or attempted to refer to JPMorgan,” reads a filing in the case.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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