Epstein Doc Dump: ‘Bill Clinton Likes Them Young’

The first batch of court documents related to Jeffrey Epstein has just been unsealed, exposing the names of several high-profile associates of the late financier.

In the documents, which contain testimonies from pedophile Epstein’s victims, Democrat former President Bill Clinton is mentioned multiple times.

In the first batch of documents, several high-profile names are mentioned, including Prince Andrew, billionaire Tom Pritzker, magician David Copperfield, and Michael Jackson.

The victims’ testimonies also make new allegations about Prince Andrew sexually assaulting a minor that were previously not known publicly.

The second batch of documents is expected to be unsealed later this month, as Slay News reported.

Clinton is identified as “John Doe 36” and is expected to be mentioned over 50 times throughout the set of documents.

The docs were unsealed as part of litigation between prominent Epstein victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre and the sex trafficker’s imprisoned accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Newly released witness testimony from a woman named Johanna Sjoberg alleges Epstein referred to Clinton’s alleged interest in young girls.

“Did Jeffrey ever talk to you about Bill Clinton?” the investigator asks Sjoberg.

“He said one time that Clinton likes them young, referring to girls,” the victim testified.

She also described various trips she took with Epstein and the sexual acts performed.

The documents began to be released Wednesday night.

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They were finally released after confusion surrounding an appeal by a Jane Doe who did not wish to be identified.

Ahead of the release, ABC News reported Clinton was going to be unmasked in the court documents without being implicated in criminal activity.

However, despite the corporate media’s best efforts to downplay the release, the documents appear to provide further evidence linking Clinton to Epstein’s sex trafficking.

Clinton’s name appeared numerous times on Epstein’s flight logs released in 2021 during the long-running legal battle between Giuffre and Maxwell.

The former president traveled with Epstein at least nine times to Paris, Bangkok, and Brunei, the flight logs show, according to the New York Post.

Photos of Clinton and Epstein together at the White House while he was president emerged in 2021.

Images of Clinton with an alleged Epstein victim were also reported by the Daily Mail in August 2020.

According to flight logs, Clinton allegedly took as many as 26 flights on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” jet and abandoned his Secret Service detail on at least five occasions, Fox News reported in 2016.

The flight logs released so far don’t show Clinton taking a flight to Epstein’s infamous Little St. James island, the center of the alleged sex trafficking operation.

However, victims have testified that they saw Clinton on Epstein’s “Pedophile Island” with “young girls.”

Giuffre alleged she met the former president on Little St. James and Epstein joked about having Clinton in his back pocket, the Daily Beast reported based on previously unsealed documents amid the Maxwell litigation.

Giuffre attempted to have Clinton testify but her efforts were blocked.

Through a spokesperson, Clinton denied Giuffre’s allegation in a July 2020 statement to Newsweek, saying he never went to Epstein’s “Pedophile Island.”

Angel Ureña, a Clinton spokesperson, told the outlet Clinton has “never been to Little St. James Island” and cut off contact with Epstein over a decade earlier.

“He’d not spoken to Epstein in well over a decade,” he said.

“Well before his terrible crimes came to light.”

In August 2019, Epstein was found dead in his New York jail cell while awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges.

His death was not captured by cameras at the jail facility.

The Justice Department ruled his death a suicide.

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