FBI Cites ‘Alt-Right Extremism’ after Arresting Transgender Would-Be Shooter Threatening to Kill ‘Transphobes’

The FBI has arrested a radical transgender gunman after he threatened to go out in a “blaze of glory” by going on a shooting rampage to kill “transphobes.”

On Friday, federal prosecutors charged “Elizabeth West” – a man who claims to be a “transgender woman.”

After a search of his home, agents found 27 guns and “tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition.”

West caught the attention of the FBI after he announced his plans in a Facebook post to the “Trans Woman Support Group.”

He was charged with making interstate threats based on the September 26 Facebook post where he threatened to launch a massacre because he was frustrated by “transphobic as*holes.”

According to the post, West believed he was about to be fired because he was “being bullied” and claimed he was “left with no alternative…”

He then claimed he had been “preparing” to go on a shooting spree “for a long time.”

He then suggested he was ready to be killed during a rampage.

“I’m too old to keep looking for jobs and I’ve had it up to here being bullied by transphobic assholes I am left with no alternative…,” West wrote, according to court documents.

“I’ve been preparing for this moment for a long time at least then I’ll be remember [sic] I have no family no friends…

“So there really isn’t any point living anymore?”

The FBI interviewed West about the threats shortly after they were posted on Facebook.

However, West was not arrested after the September interview that was ultimately used to justify charges.

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Instead, he was arrested months later after checks of his social media exhibited racial hatred towards black people, immigrants, and Jews.

His social media bio, according to the court documents, was, “A Nazi dominatrix from Hell, who is tired of the blackening of America and Europe and ready to stand up to the black orcs and the Jewish Wizards.”

His animosity toward other races appears to be heavily related to West’s gender ideology.

According to the court documents, West’s hatred of black people is because they often “misgender” him.

He also alleged that a group of black men once physically assaulted him.

West explained that he also hated immigrants because he learned of an illegal alien getting free transgender surgery on Oregon’s public healthcare plan.

This reportedly outraged West because he would have to pay for his own gender surgery.

For months, the FBI monitored his social media and questioned him about his racial views.

On January 9, after agents monitoring him were alerted of a gun purchase, agents executed the search warrant and arrested West.

Without mentioning his radical leftist ideology, the affidavit references “far-right terror,” “white supremacy,” and “alt-right extremism,” portraying the potential mass shooter as a conservative terrorist.

At that point, the FBI called him pretending to work for the electric company to get confirmation of his address.

Agents then subpoenaed X for confirmation that it was his account.

However, the affidavit did not allege that any of the racist X posts were crimes.

In the end, the justification the FBI used to charge him was the transgenderism-fueled Facebook post from months earlier.

“I believe there is probable cause to believe West’s original Facebook posting constitutes an interstate threat, especially based on the accompanying photograph of firearms,” FBI agent Damara Gonzalez wrote.

“Additionally, the large amount of weapons and ammunition recovered from her residence and subsequent X posts (including clear violent animus toward specific minority groups and the display of firearms) indicate a willingness to elevate her original threat of violence towards specific minority groups.”

“SA Gonzalez also located approximately 48 hand drawings of … a superhero, wielding a sword, stabbing, hanging, mutilating, and killing men, most of whom [West] refers to as ‘n**gers.’

“One image is titled ‘That’s Ms. Wolf to you! The Man SlayerQueen of the Underworld,’” the affidavit said.

The arrest was first reported by CourtWatch.

Even when the facts indicate otherwise, the FBI has shown a pattern in recent years of labeling its targets as far-right white supremacist domestic terrorists.

Meanwhile, Democrats, President Joe Biden, and their allies in the corporate media cite statistics suggesting that white supremacist domestic terrorists are the biggest threat to the country.

In November, the FBI arrested a man claiming to be trans for threatening to shoot up schools “on behalf of the transgender community.”

The wold-be gunman modeled his plans off of the transgender-identifying woman who shot up the Christian Covenant School in Tennessee.

However, the lead fact presented by the FBI was that he had used racist language online.

As we’ve seen repeatedly, if the shooter cannot be tied to President Donald Trump or conservatives, the story quickly drops out of the news cycle.

Such crimes are immediately dropped if the shooter happens to be transgender who is inspired by leftist ideology.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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