GOP Congressman Warns America Won’t Survive a ‘Fourth Obama Term’

Republican Congressman Keith Self (R-TX) has issued a warning to the American people about the looming presidential election in November.

Many believe that Democrat President Joe Biden is just a front who was installed in the White House by a puppeteer operating in the shadows.

It is widely acknowledged that Biden, through his faceless White House handlers, is being strongly guided by former President Barack Obama, at least on a policy level.

According to Breitbart, Rep. Keith Self (R-TX) believes that America cannot afford another four years of President Biden.

The congressman argues that Biden’s first term is largely a continuation of Obama’s presidency.

Rep. Self issued a warning about the possibility of a “fourth Obama term,” according to the exclusive Breitbart report.

He slammed Biden and his administration for the rise in antisemitism and the protests taking place across the country on college campuses.

Self opened up about his thoughts on the situation to Breitbart during the recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Hungary 2024.

“It started with the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan,” he said.

“Soon after that, people started testing us and Putin started moving troops into Ukraine within two months of the withdrawal.

He added, “And, frankly, that’s lightning speed when you talk about a nation making a decision to start moving troops toward combat.”

“This is the third Obama administration; let’s just admit it,” Self said.

“Every one of the Obama policies is being exacerbated, encouraged, and executed by the Biden administration.”

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“So I don’t believe that our constitutional republic can survive a fourth Obama term,” the Texas Republican concluded.

Self slammed the Biden administration for its wavering position on its support for Israel, especially as the country has desperately attempted to retaliate against the Hamas terrorists after their surprise October attack last year.

“At the end of the day, I think Israel will probably do what they can to meet their objectives in spite of the Biden administration.”

Self added that he believes that despite the Biden administration continually adding obstacles to Israel’s end goal.

He also touched on the anti-Israel protests happening across the country.

The representative says he blames the rise in “wokeness” and socialist teachings.

“These [demonstrations] are the consequences of the incubator of socialism that our universities have become for decades now,” he said.

“They are basically socialist in their belief, in their teaching, and in their policies, and we’re seeing the results of it now in the antisemitic, pro-Palestinian protests.”

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