Maryland Governor Defends Biden, Says He Shouldn’t Drop Out

Maryland’s Democrat Governor Wes Moore has dismissed widespread concerns about President Joe Biden, insisting that his disastrous debate performance was nothing more than a “difficult night.”

Instead, Moore insists that the embattled president “should” keep fighting for re-election.

Despite widespread reports of intraparty chaos, Gov. Moore told CBS News’s “Face The Nation” that Biden will not be replaced with another presidential nominee.

Moore said he has no interest in seeking the job either.

“I will not,” Moore said when asked if he would seek to replace Biden.

“And Joe Biden is not going to take himself out of this race, nor should he.

“He has been a remarkable partner.”

Moore was one of a handful of Biden surrogates to defend the embattled president.

On the Sunday morning talk shows, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), who clinched Biden’s crucial primary win in South Carolina four years ago, obediently defended the Democrat president.

As Slay News reported, while slurring her words and struggling to string a sentence together herself, 84-year-old Pelosi insisted that Biden is the right man to be holding the nuclear football.

Pelosi even argued that President Donald Trump “has dementia.”

During his chat with CBS’s Margaret Brennan, Moore conceded that Biden’s performance was poor.

However, Moore downplayed Biden’s obviously degraded mental and physical state and insisted that it is no big deal.

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“I think that the president had a difficult night just like every single one of us do,” he claimed.

Moore has been campaigning for Biden’s re-election in Wisconsin, a key swing state.

According to Politico, another Democrat governor mentioned as a Biden successor, Gretchen Whitmer, no longer believes Biden can win the state of Michigan.

When asked if Biden is the only Democrat who can beat Trump, Moore dodged.

“Joe Biden is our nominee,” Moore said.

“Joe Biden is our leader.

“And Joe Biden has earned, and Joe Biden deserves the confidence, the respect, and frankly the partnership that we now have to provide to him,” he said.

As panic sweeps the Democratic Party, some argue that replacing Biden is not realistic this late in the campaign.

Doing so could even damage the party’s efforts.

In a fundraising email, Biden’s campaign responded by dismissing those who spotted something amis during the debate as “bedwetters.”

Instead, the campaign warned that replacing Biden would help Trump win, as Slay News reported.

In an email to supporters, Biden’s deputy campaign manager Rob Flaherty argued:

“The bedwetting brigade is calling for Joe Biden to ‘drop out.’

“That is the best possible way for Donald Trump to win and us to lose.”

The email also included instructions for supporters on how to defend Biden’s behavior from critics such as a “panicked aunt” or a “MAGA uncle.”

Biden was advised by his wife Jill Biden and son Hunter to keep fighting during a meeting Sunday.

Democrats are used to toeing the party line, but for once, the marching orders are unclear.

Either way, the Democrats need to stop trying to gaslight the American people.

Even hardened Democrat voters can now see that those who defend Biden at this point are lying.

Some Democrats may think it’s best for the party and their careers to keep ignoring Biden’s obvious decline.

However, it is hard to imagine they can continue this “Weekend and Bernie’s” charade without painful consequences up and down the ticket in November.

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By Nick R. Hamilton

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