Mel Gibson Issues Warning about Hollywood: ‘Worst Nightmares Were Real’

An interview has surfaced featuring star Mel Gibson where the actor tried to warn the public about Hollywood.

The interview was from 1998 but resurfaced over the weekend.

In the video, Australian-born Gibson says:

“First time I really came over here, you know, I had a bunch of weird paranoid suspicions about what the hell was going on because there was a lot of stuff I couldn’t understand.

“And nobody was really bothering to explain it to me.

“And then you go away and you think, ‘No. That was wrong. I mean, that’s insane thinking. I’m paranoid. I imagined that stuff. That couldn’t be the reason for why so-and-so was acting, like, could it?’

“And then you find out later on the track that you were exactly on track with a lot of this stuff.

“That some of your worst nightmares were real.

“It does rip your life to pieces if you let it.

“It’s always pounding at the walls, these little guys, these little heathens with no soul downstairs with horns on their head.

“You have to make a deal with everyone else, and it’s almost unspoken, that you are going to be f**ked over at some point by people who you may have done something nice for.

“And it may happen that by circumstance or even very purposefully — and I’ve often felt that.

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“I’ve sat there and I have felt the knife slipped firmly in between my shoulder blades and tried to have it shoved through the other side, through my heart.”

Gibson described a rooftop meeting in New York with actor Christopher Walken:

“He floated in sideways like one of those old vampire movies where they don’t walk but they glide.”

“The air got cold and it was getting scary.

“I turned around to avoid his steady gaze at one point, and I was looking at the building with the top of the sixes on it, so there was a huge illuminated triple six in red.

“And I thought, ‘Oh no! Chris Walken is the antichrist.’”


Gibson has also been raising the alarm about the global child sex trafficking industry.

He has been urging the public to watch Jim Caviezel‘s new hit movie “Sound of Freedom” which exposes child trafficking.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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