New SCOTUS ‘Leaker’ Suspected after Bizarre White House Executive Order

Concerns have emerged of a possible new “leaker” from the United States Supreme Court.

Suspicions of a leak were triggered after Democrat President Joe Biden signed a bizarre new executive order.

Questions still remain regarding the first “leaker” at the SCOTUS regarding the decision that ultimately overturned Roe v. Wade.

However, a new situation has raised questions about another potential Supreme Court leak.

According to The Daily Wire, a recent executive order was signed by Biden just days before a related Supreme Court ruling.

The order has many, including The Federalist’s Sean Davis, asking who might be tipping off the White House to upcoming SCOTUS rulings.

The order in question, which was described as bizarre and oddly specific, was regarding the legalization of the spouses of immigrants.

It would allow spouses of immigrants to remain in the country no matter if they’re here to commit crimes or here legally.

Biden’s EO came just days before SCOTUS ruled that the U.S. “is not required to admit immigrant spouses of American citizens in a case involving an MS-13 member whose spouse was a U.S. citizen and who demanded legalization.”

Davis wrote a lengthy post on social media pointing to the timing of the White House’s weirdly specific executive order related to the Supreme Court ruling that was announced roughly 48 hours later.

The Federalist writer strongly believes that someone in the White House was tipped off by someone at the Supreme Court.

This tip-off likely prompted Biden’s unexpected executive order.

Responding to Biden’s order, Davis wrote:

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“Just days ago, the Biden regime announced a radical new executive order to legalize the immigrant spouses of citizens, even if those immigrants were in the U.S. to commit crimes or were here legally.

“It was very strange timing for such an oddly specific EO.

He added, “Now we know why: the Supreme Court ruled today in a 6-3 decision that the U.S. is not required to admit immigrant spouses of American citizens in a case involving an MS-13 member whose spouse was a U.S. citizen and who demanded legalization.”

Davis called the EO “shoddily” written.

He suggests that it was rushed and called out the suspect timing of it.

“Somebody at the White House was clearly tipped off about the unannounced Supreme Court decision, which explains why the White House rushed out such a shoddily written and argued new executive order to open the border even more: the Biden regime knew how the Supreme Court was going to rule, and it sought to pre-empt the court with its absurd EO,” Davis wrote.

Many across social media agreed with Davis’ assessment.

“A clear case of a leak,” one X user wrote.

“Biden getting the EO out first lets him claim he wasn’t going against the court’s opinion.

“In actuality, since he knew what judgement was coming, Joe was directly defying the SCOTUS yet again.”

Another X user wrote, “Hmmmm.

“Could that be the same leaker as the last one about Roe?”

Only time will tell if an investigation is launched.

Nevertheless, he’s right: the timing is far too convenient to be coincidental.

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