Obama Snapped at Leftist Protesters That Biden Hopes to Appease to Secure Voter Support

During a star-studded Democrat fundraiser in New York City, former President Barack Obama snapped at a group of radical leftist protesters who had gathered outside the event.

Democrat President Joe Biden has been walking a figurative tightrope over the past several months.

As the critical November election draws near, Biden is desperately attempting to appeal to the majority of normal Americans without further alienating the angry leftist base of the Democratic Party opposed to U.S. support for Israel.

However, the support from the radical Left could prove crucial to Biden’s re-election hopes.

That careful balance may have just been upset by Obama after Biden’s “former” boss snapped back at leftist protesters who repeatedly disrupted their special $25 million campaign fundraiser event in NYC on Thursday, Breitbart reported.

Obama, who essentially told the anti-Israel, pro-Hamas leftist protesters to shut up and start listening, may have caused critical damage to Biden’s re-election chances.

The retort risks further enraging an already furious leftist base that is threatening to not turn out in Biden’s support in November.

According to the New York Post‘s coverage of the “glitzy” and “grandiose” Democrat fundraiser on Thursday — which featured Biden plus former Presidents Obama and Bill Clinton and raised more than $25 million for Biden’s campaign — the “lavish” event at Radio City Music Hall was disrupted at least six times by anti-Israel protesters.

One protester repeatedly blew a whistle and held a “War Pigs” protest sign.

Other protesters later shouted “Shame on you” at Biden and his Democrat predecessors.

They accused the Democrat elites and accused them of having “blood on their hands” and of supporting an Israeli “genocide” in Gaza.

Outside the event, it was even more of the same, as numerous anti-Israel protesters were gathered outside the venue and waved Palestinian flags and explicit protest signs.

The crowd chanted things like “F*ck Joe Biden” and “Genocide Joe has got to go,” among other choice phrases that called for a “Free Palestine” and an immediate “ceasefire” to end the fighting in Gaza.

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According to the Post, as the multiple leftist protesters who disrupted the fundraiser were led out of the event by security, Biden reportedly attempted to continue his appeasement tactic by urging them to be “let go” by security.

Obama, however, apparently had a different idea in mind.

Per multiple sources, including Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason, Obama at one point snapped at and scolded a disruptive protester as he said, “No, listen.

“You can’t talk all the time.

“Sometimes you have to listen.”

However, what Obama said to the protesters is correct and is something that Biden and his allies should also say.

Yet, given Biden’s current predicament, that response will likely only further embolden the Left flank to possibly make good on their threats to withhold the crucial voter support.

If Biden hopes to win a second term in office, however, he will need the support of the radical Left, who could easily flock to rival Robert F. Kennedy Jr. instead.

In early February, this critical risk to President Biden’s re-election was outlined in a Politico article.

The outlet asserted that the attention of the Biden campaign was misplaced in focusing on a possible threat posed by the centrist No Labels group when their focus should instead be on the other third-party candidates, such as Kennedy, that might prove enticing to left-leaning voters.

That includes independent candidate RFK Jr., Green Party candidate Jill Stein, and far-left independent candidate Cornel West.

Each of whom threatens to peel off potentially thousands of left-leaning voters who would never consider voting for President Trump.

In the absence of other options, however, they might overlook their disillusionment with Biden and vote for his re-election.

As Politico observed:

“Are the well-organized hecklers bird-dogging Biden at nearly every speech going to turn to a candidate who once proposed a Muslim ban? [sic]

“Of course not. Yet this White House race, like the last two, is bound to be won on the margins, and Biden is at risk of losing critical younger and left-wing voters to third-party candidates or apathy.”

That risk may have just been elevated by Obama’s snapping at a protester that Biden has tried to appease to secure their necessary vote.

The loss would be much to Biden’s great dismay and humiliation, particularly if he ultimately loses in November to Trump by a close margin.

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