Peer-Reviewed Study Links Cancer Deaths Surge to Covid Shots

A new bombshell peer-reviewed study has directly linked Covid mRNA shots with surging rates of cancer-related deaths.

The study, published in the prestigious Cureus journal, found that the risk of dying from cancer dramatically increased each time a patient received an mRNA injection.

The paper for the study is titled: “Increased Age-Adjusted Cancer Mortality After the Third mRNA-Lipid Nanoparticle Vaccine Dose During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Japan.”

The study was conducted by world-renowned Japanese experts specializing in cardiovascular medicine and cancer research.

The authors start by pointing out that age-adjusted mortality rates (AMRs) for all cancers continued their downward trend during the first year of the Covid pandemic.

However, they note that this downtrend ended around the beginning of the mass roll-out of the Covid shots.

The age groups found to have had statistically significant excess cancer deaths were 75-79-year-olds in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Excess cancer deaths also soared in 80-84-year-olds in 2022.

Both groups show year-on-year increases.

Incidentally, both groups also had booster rates over 90%.

The researchers note that, out of 20 different types of cancers, five show major spikes in excess deaths.

The three that showed significant excess deaths in 2021 and 2022 were pancreatic, prostate, and ovarian cancers.

Lip/oral/pharyngeal cancers and leukemia also showed substantial excess deaths in 2022.

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Discussing possible mechanisms to explain these results, the authors mention a long list of issues with the mRNA shots.

They explain that the injections cause lipid nanoparticles to spread to various organs, long-lasting spike proteins in the blood, thrombosis, suppression of type I interferon responses “which play an essential role in cancer immunosurveillance,” increased IgG4 antibodies, reactivation of latent viruses, and reverse-transcription of mRNA into DNA and integration into the human genome.

Regarding the last point, the authors quote the US. Food and Drug Administration (FDA):

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states in its guidance for the production of viral vaccines for infectious disease, “There are several potential mechanisms by which residual DNA could be oncogenic, including the integration and expression of encoded oncogenes or insertional mutagenesis following DNA integration” [98].

The FDA’s guidelines are essential for Japan because Japan’s special emergency use authorisation depended on FDA approval during the COVID-19 pandemic

The study comes as leading Japanese experts have started raising the alarm about Covid shots and their impact on humanity as a whole.

As Slay News reported, a world-renowned Japanese professor has issued a stunning message to people all over the globe, warning that the Covid pandemic was a hoax designed to “drive vaccinations” across the general public.

The chilling warning was issued by Masayasu Inoue, MD, PhD, and Professor Emeritus at Osaka City University Medical School.

According to Inoue, the “false” pandemic was orchestrated by the United Nations health agency – the World Health Organization (WHO).

The professor accuses the WHO, its parent agency the UN, and other globalist organizations and world governments of an “extreme violation of human rights.”

The respected medical doctor argues that the global vaccination agenda was a fraudulent use of “experimental gene therapy” that was pushed onto “healthy people.”

He warns that “the result” of rolling out Covid mRNA vaccines for public use has led to “the induction of the terrible drug-induced injury that has never [been] seen in human history.”

“The pandemic was used as a false pretext by the WHO to drive vaccinations of all peoples in the world.”

Meanwhile, the Japanese government is facing a major blowback as the people of Japan have been rising up in protest against the globalist pandemic and vaccination agenda.

Tens of thousands of Japanese citizens flooded the streets in huge rallies over the weekend to protest threats to the nation’s sovereignty from globalist outside forces, as Slay News reported.

Protesters are demonstrating to pressure the Japanese government to reject the World Health Organization’s (WHO) “Global Pandemic Treaty.”

As Slay News has reported, the Pandemic Treaty will grant the WHO, and its parent agency the United Nations, with sweeping global powers that override the laws of individual nations.

Under the treaty, the WHO will be able to enforce global lockdowns and other measures in the event of an “emergency” such as a pandemic or “climate change.”

After declaring an “emergency,” the WHO would have the power to roll out vaccine mandates, “climate lockdowns,” food rationing, travel recitations, mass censorship, and more.

It will essentially empower the UN to act as a single global government.

All 193 UN member states – which includes Japan, the United States, and most other Western nations – are expected to sign the treaty next month.

Not only is the United States planning to sign the treaty, but it was Democrat President Joe Biden who urged the WHO to move forward with the plan in 2022.

While the power grab from the WHO and the UN has faced little pushback from the corporate media-trusting public, citizens in Japan, meanwhile, are outraged that their government is planning to sign the treaty.

At the beginning of the main rally, Professor Inoue delivered a powerful speech, stating:

“There indeed exists something very evil.

“It’s often dismissed with a single phrase as a ‘conspiracy’, but in reality, conspiracies have been part of our genetics and culture since the Age of Exploration, continuing to this day.

“I came to realize this,” the world-renowned professor noted.

“In that sense, my message for today is about vaccines that use our genetics to make our bodies produce pathogens or proteins, even if they’re disguised as vaccines, for example, next could be influenza.

“And now, there’s panic over sugar and various other things, but the strategy to use messenger types for everything has become the basic strategy of American global pharmaceutical companies.

“To everyone here, among friends and acquaintances, introducing genetic vaccines into the body should not be done, regardless of the type.

“Take this as the key message home; by doing so, I hope you can protect your children and grandchildren.”

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