Son of Hamas Leader Blows Whistle on Terrorist Group: ‘They Don’t Care’ about Palestinians

The son of a founding leader of Hamas has blown the whistle on the terrorist group and converted to Christianity after witnessing the horrors inflicted on the Palestinian people by the ruling Islamists.

Mosab Hassan Yousef has broken his silence on his decision to denounce Hamas and turn on his own family.

Yousef fled Gaza by spying in favor of the Israelis and seeking asylum in the U.S.

During a Thursday appearance on “Fox & Friends,” Yousef spoke out on his decision to leave the life of terror behind.

“I was born at the heart of Hamas leadership… and I know them very well,” Yousef told Fox News host Brian Kilmeade.

They don’t care for the Palestinian people.

“They do not regard the human life.

“I saw their brutality firsthand back in 1996 when I spent about a year and a half in Megiddo Prison…

“They killed so many Palestinian people at that point, and this is when I decided that I cannot be together with this movement.”

“I had to be honest with myself,” he continued.

“Even though Hamas gave me advantages….

“I was like a prince in that world… but I did not like them.

“I turned against even my own blood… because this is how much I did not like Hamas, and today, 25 years later, they are the rulers of Gaza, and we see what they are capable of doing.”

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His remarks come almost two weeks after the terror group carried out a massacre on Israeli border communities.

Terrorists launched horrific attacks against Israel, raping, murdering, dismembering civilians, including children, and taking hostages.

Hamas also reportedly has upward of 200 hostages held in Gaza to use as human shields.

Israel declared war shortly thereafter and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have traded airstrikes with Hamas as a ground invasion remains imminent.

“Hamas is not a national movement. Hamas is a religious movement with a goal to establish an Islamic state,” Yousef said.

“They don’t care for nationalism.

“Actually, they are against nationalism.

“But that’s my understanding that they are using the Palestinian cause only to achieve their goals, so the long-term goal… [is] transforming the Middle East and the world into an Islamic state.”

But Yousef said Iran is the real culprit behind the scenes.

Iran is a known sponsor of the terrorist group.

On Wednesday, the country’s foreign minister posted an ominous tweet that said time is “running out” for Israel.

“Iran is the real master in this picture,” Yousef said.

“Hamas does not serve the Palestinian people, Hamas serves Iran.

“Those are the masters of Hamas.

“So their lie about nationalism, that they are a national movement…

“They are using Palestinian people as a human shield.”

“We need to free Gaza from Hamas,” he continued.

“Israel … is doing the Palestinian people the greatest favor by bringing Hamas down.”



At least 4,800 people have been killed on both sides since the war began earlier this month, including at least 30 Americans.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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