Ted Cruz Shuts Down Kathy Griffin after She Threatened America with ‘Civil War’

Republican Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has taken Kathy Griffin to the woodshed after the Hollywood leftist made an apparent threat of “civil war” against Americans who “vote Republican.”

As Slay News was first to report, Griffin took to Twitter and appeared to warn that there will be a “civil war” in America if citizens don’t choose to keep Democrats in power.

DNC operative Griffin tried to walk back her comments after she was called out, unsurprisingly trying to blame the Republicans for her blunder.

“If you don’t want a Civil War, vote for Democrats in November,” Griffin tweeted.

“If you do want Civil War, vote Republican.”


She was immediately called out by reporter Kristina Wong who said: “This sounds like a threat.”

Griffin then changed her tune and tried to blame “maga blue checks” for her comments.

“You guys,” Griffin said.

“The maga blue checks are at it again.

“Because they are constantly threatening Civil War, they are now trying to suggest that I am the one who is threatening a Civil War.

“Because you know, that’s my thing.”


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Sen. Cruz swiftly shut Griffin down, saying:

“This is WRONG.

“Crazy Hollywood Leftie threatening ‘Civil War’ if Dems don’t win.

“Sadly, this is today’s Left: angry, hateful & violent.”

Christian author Jeremy Kappell said:

“The inherent message here couldn’t be more clear. If you don’t vote Democrat, there will be war.

“King George III had a similar message for the colonists just prior to our Independence.

“Don’t be bullied by Hollywood Propagandists.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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