Tens of Thousands of Votes Cast in Georgia with Ineligible Addresses in 2020 Election

An investigation has discovered that tens of thousands of voters cast ballots in Georgia during the 2020 election with ineligible ballots.

The discovery emerged during a probe of the state’s voter rolls.

Concerns have been raised for some time due to voter rolls never being reconciled against any other data.

In every state, there are active voters older than Abraham Lincoln – still voting and registering in recent years.

Working with the Georgia election integrity team for months, Fractal developed an integrated Fractal database.

The database includes all available Georgia election records for 2020.

As the Gateway Pundit reported, these were reconciled against multiple other databases to determine ineligible addresses that cast a vote in 2020.

Georgia county governments generously provided detailed property tax information on every address in the major Georgia counties.

For the first time in history, voter rolls were reconciled – in real-time, from a phone – against property tax descriptions.

Death records, U.S. Postal change of address records, known address records, 911 address descriptions, and other databases were compared.

The system compared the data at a rate of 200 million transactions per second.

The results show that ballots were cast from locations where people were dead or had moved to ineligible addresses.

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It also discovered multiple ballots were cast in many of the ineligible voters’ names.

Instead of a dusty report nobody could comprehend, Fractal has published a film to detail the findings.

The video exposes the bombshell discovery of the ineligible addresses casting votes that were counted in the 2020 presidential election.

Anyone can now see this from their phone – in real-time.

Fractal explains that the objective of the video is to demonstrate the wildly inaccurate Georgia voter rolls.

While this video is short, it appears to show tens of thousands of ineligible addresses casting votes in 2020.

Thousands of people voted from hotels, UPS boxes, RV parks, and other transient addresses – years after they registered.

The question remains – who cast those ballots?


Georgia Video 1 Voter Registrations from Omega 4 America on Vimeo.

Thousands of official voter record addresses were incorrect with the wrong Zip code and other anomalies.

Did mail-in ballots collect at the Post Office for them?

The result of the Georgia Fractal system is the single largest integrated state election database ever built.

Currently, it contains hundreds of millions of records.

The database compares voter rolls for 8 election dates using time series analysis showing voter movement.

The team integrated the 2020 cast ballot database with the 2020 voter database – a digital recreation of the 2020 terrain.

With a single click, one can identify voters who voted in 2020, even if they were not on the voter roll.

The system can identify someone voting from a temporary address such as a church, RV Park, hotel, or shelter.

Illegal aliens being registered can be determined with accuracy via time series analysis – measuring changes to voter rolls every week or month.

For the first time, this can now be done before an ineligible person receives a legitimate ballot, rather than litigating afterward.

The Georgia Fractal system is now the foundation for the 2024 Georgia Undeliverable Ballot Database.

The database is the single source in Georgia of where ballots are likely to be mailed in 2024 but are unlikely to find an eligible voter.

The Georgia Fractal system adds more data every week.

The team is beginning an analysis of changes made by state officials to 2020 data – long after the election – and what impact that may have on some current news stories.

For 2024, cleaning voter rolls won’t cut it.

Fractal shows in state after state bad actors put those phantoms right back on the voter roll.

The Undeliverable Ballot Database stops phantom ballots from going out in the first place – before the damage is done.

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