Trump Responds to ‘Heavily Redacted’ Affidavit Release: ‘Obama Must Be Very Proud’

President Donald Trump has responded to Judge Bruce Reinhart unsealing parts of the affidavit that was used by the FBI to raid his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida.

Trump blasted the documents for being “heavily redacted” and noted that the affidavit has no mention of anything related to nuclear secrets.

The Department of Justice tried to justify the raid on the 45th president’s home by claiming that he had classified documents on nuclear weapons.

“Affidavit heavily redacted,” Trump said in a post on Truth Social.

“Nothing mentioned on ‘Nuclear,’ a total public relations subterfuge by the FBI & DOJ, or our close working relationship regarding document turnover – WE GAVE THEM MUCH.

“Judge Bruce Reinhart should NEVER have allowed the Break-In of my home.

“He recused himself two months ago from one of my cases based on his animosity and hatred of your favorite President, me.

“What changed? Why hasn’t he recused himself on this case?

“Obama must be very proud of him right now,” Trump said.

While Obama did not appoint Reinhart, the judge has donated to Democrat candidates in the past and was linked to deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, according to media reports.

According to Fox News, around 20 pages of the 38-page affidavit were redacted to the point of being worthless.

Fox said:

“The FBI said it had “probable cause to believe” that additional records containing classified information, including National Defense Information, would be found on the premises of former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home beyond what he had previously turned over to the National Archives and Records Administration, according to the unsealed and heavily-redacted affidavit used to justify the raid released Friday. 

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Approximately 20 pages of the 38-page affidavit were either significantly or fully redacted.

“The government is conducting a criminal investigation concerning the improper removal and storage of classified information in unauthorized spaces, as well as the unlawful concealment or removal of government records,” the affidavit states.

From The Hill:

A redacted FBI affidavit used to convince a judge to approve a search warrant for former President Trump’s Florida home noted that authorities found 184 classified documents in their initial review of recovered boxes in an effort that began just a few months after he left office. 

Authorities’ concern that Trump may have additional national security information at his private residence was spurred by a review of the 15 boxes recovered by the National Archives in January.

The affidavit indicates that among the 184 documents were 25 that contained top secret information, including those gained from “clandestine human sources,” information prohibited from being shared with foreign governments, and information obtained by monitoring “foreign

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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