Tucker Carlson Accuses Fox of ‘Betrayal’ in Leaked Footage: ‘We’re Working Like Animals – I Don’t Want to Be a Slave’

Tucker Carlson accused Fox Corp of betraying him in leaked footage of a call.

Carlson was filmed taking a call behind the scenes during the filming of one of his shows.

The footage, which was obtained by Media Matters, shows Carlson frustrated with the network’s running of its streaming service, Fox Nation.

Carlson says that Fox is working his team “like animals” and says he doesn’t “want to be a slave to Fox Nation.”

Carlson dominated primetime for Fox News’ cable network but also drove a lot of viewers to Fox Nation.



TUCKER CARLSON: I don’t want to be a slave to Fox Nation, which I don’t think that people watch anyway. We’re gonna — because, you know, I’m like a representative of the American media now, speaking to an exile in Romania and welcoming him back into the brotherhood of journalists.

UNKNOWN: It would help us out if you wore a sweater, though, because we asked him not to wear a suit, like he was panicking about it. So “you don’t have to— Tucker’s going to be looking casual, that’s just how the show looks.”

UNKNOWN: Is that OK?

CARLSON: I mean, this is airing on the nighttime show, and I want it to look official. I don’t want it to be like bro talk. And I, and I, you know what I mean?

UNKNOWN: Yeah, but the majority of it, like, if we go, like, 45 minutes, it’s going to be for Fox Nation.

CARLSON: But nobody’s going to watch it on Fox Nation. Nobody watches Fox Nation because the site sucks. So I’d really like to just put the — dump the whole thing on YouTube.

But anyway, that’s just my view,. OK. I’m just frustrated with it. It’s hard to use that site. I don’t know why they’re not fixing it. It’s driving me insane.

And they’re like making, like, Lifetime movies. But they don’t, they don’t work on the infrastructure of the site.

Like what? It’s crazy. And it drives me crazy because it’s like we’re doing all this extra work and no one can find it. It’s unbelievable, actually. I don’t know who runs that site, but —

UNKNOWN: We’re gonna play a sizable chunk on the show tomorrow night. That’s the plan.

And then what he’s going to do is drive a lot of people to watch this on Fox Nation.

It’s going to be a great help to what we’re doing over there on TC Today.

CARLSON: I know, but we’re doing our part. We’re like working like animals to produce all this content, and the people in charge of it, whoever that guy’s, whatever his name is, like, they’re ignoring the fact that the site doesn’t work.

And I think it’s like a betrayal of our efforts. That’s how I feel. So I, of course, I resent it.

The video has emerged as it emerged that Fox boss Rupert Murdoch held a secret talk with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky shortly before giving the order to fire Carlson.

As Slay News reported, Carlson is the most outspoken critic of the war in American corporate media.

The troubling report comes from veteran journalists at Semafor.

The Ukrainian president also had a conversation with Lachlan Murdoch, Rupert’s heir apparent, on March 15.

That conversation was already confirmed by Zelensky.

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By David Hawkins

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