WEF’s ‘Net Zero’ Goals Will Kill ‘4+ Billion People,’ Experts Warn

Leading experts have spoken out to warn the public that the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Net Zero” goal to eliminate fossil fuels will result in the deaths of over four billion people.

As Slay News has reported, the WEF and its fellow unelected globalist organization, the United Nations (UN), are pushing for governments around the world to “phase out” fossil fuels.

The “Net Zero” target to end fossil fuel use is part of the WEF and UN’s “Agenda 2030” and “Agenda 2050” plans for humanity.

The plans involve dramatically reducing fossil reliance by 2030 and completely eliminating their use by 2050.

However, many are raising the alarm about what this will actually mean for civilization.

In a post on X, Danish statistician Bjørn Lomborg warns that ending fossil fuel use will lead to the deaths of around half of the world’s population through starvation alone.

“4 billion people are dependent on fossil fertilizer for food,” Lomborg notes.

“Without, 4 billion will starve to death.

“It is time to call out the astoundingly destructive & misanthropic campaigners,” he declared.

Lomborg was responding to a report from British economist Neil Record.

While Lomborg believes that ending fossil fuels will cause over four billion to starve to death, Record argues that “six billion might die.”

“If we literally just stopped” using fossil fuels and “did without the natural resources on which the world, its economies and populations depend,” Record says that “most likely six billion people would die within a year.”

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Records break down what would happen in a world without fossil fuels, noting that most people would suffer blackouts.

“It is impossible to gauge how extensive these power cuts would be, but the grid would be so seriously compromised, possibly fatally, that they may be widespread and permanent,” Record warns in an article for The Telegraph.

“Electricity demand would have rocketed through the switch to electric space heating, cooking, and water-heating, and so it seems very likely that the sudden excess demand would be undeliverable, and therefore that the grid would spiral into uncontrollability.

“No electricity means no communication systems – no mobiles, no TV, and no running water.

“With no power and no heating, vulnerable people start to die.

“Initially just the elderly in their own homes, then in hospitals when the diesel back-up generators run out of fuel, but then new existential problems emerge for ordinary people in the form of food availability and distribution.”

“Only isolated rural communities, agriculturally self-sufficient, would be relatively unaffected,” he adds.

However, “in the urban world, many people would be near death from starvation,” he writes.

According to Record, food and water would become scarce without fossil fuels, making drinking and eating a luxury that only the wealthy could afford.

Pumping water and heating homes would become impossible without fossil fuels, he explains.

Record says he believes two billion would die from starvation and freezing to death alone.

He predicts that the WEF’s “Net Zero” world would only be able to support two billion people.

Those people would be the wealthiest members of society who were able to afford the raming food stocks, he says.

The warnings come as the WEF continues to push its agenda for “Net Zero.”

As Slay News reported, the WEF recently called for taxpayers around the globe to pay $3.5 trillion per year in order to meet the globalist organization’s “Net Zero” goal for “decarbonizing” the planet.

The WEF insists that the staggering bill is necessary as it will fund the noble global power elite’s alleged efforts to “reach Net Zero and restore nature.”

However, critics argue that “decarbonization” is just a euphemism for the WEF’s anti-human agenda.

Of course, the largest source of carbon dioxide on Earth is humans and human activities such as burning fossil fuels.

The average human exhales about 2.3 pounds of carbon dioxide on an average day.

Take this number and multiply it by a global population of 8.1 billion people, breathing away for 365.25 days per year, and you get an annual CO2 output of 3.4 billion tons.

However, experts are quick to point out that this figure is meaningless since human respiration is part of a “closed loop cycle” in which our carbon dioxide output is matched by the carbon dioxide taken in by the wheat, corn, celery, and Ugli fruit that we eat.

Nevertheless, the anti-carbon agenda directly targets humans and human activities.

Members of the WEF have repeatedly suggested that mass reductions in the number of humans on Earth would help the organization reach its green agenda goals.

As Slay News previously reported, Dennis Meadows, a celebrated member of the WEF, has called for a staggering 86 percent reduction in the population of humans, arguing that the goal can be achieved “peacefully.”

Meadows is one of the main authors of the Club of Rome’s 1972 pro-depopulation book “The Limits to Growth.”

Meadows is an honorary member of the Club of Rome and a member of the World Economic Forum.

Despite his book being published over 50 years ago, his ideology is still very anti-human.

Meadows argues that most of the world’s population must be wiped out so that the survivors can “have freedom” and a “high standard of living.”

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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