White House Wants Karine Jean-Pierre to ‘Move On’ but She Refuses to Leave

Democrat President Joe Biden’s White House wants controversial Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to step down from her role and “move on” with her career, according to a new report.

However, Jean-Pierre is reportedly refusing to leave.

Most honest people who have watched  Jean-Pierre behind the White House lectern will admit that she’s one of the least-skilled people to hold that position in U.S. history.

Jean-Pierre has been repeatedly called out for her frequent gaslighting during press briefings.

Her efforts to gaslight the American people have led to a mix of outrage and widespread mockery.

She has often been dubbed as the worst press secretary in history.

According to the Daily Caller, that sentiment was also recognized by the very people who hired her to do the job.

Bombshell reports over the weekend indicated that White House brass attempted to push Jean-Pierre to step down in a highly strategic manner.

The White House has reportedly been desperately trying to avoid firing a black lesbian employee and the bad optics it would bring for the party, especially wit the election looming.

Several top White House bosses were involved in making the push to get Jean-Pierre out from behind the lectern but obviously failed at the attempt.

According to a New York Post report, White House communications staff Anita Dunn was in talks with Democrat “allies” in an effort to have them gracefully convince KJP that she needed to “move along” with her career.

White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients reportedly gave Dunn the green light to pursue the strategy, which obviously ultimately failed.

“There were a number of people she asked to engage Karine,” a source reportedly told the New York Post.

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The source added that there was a “huge diversity issue” hindering the process.

The Daily Caller noted:

Sources said both Zients and Dunn were attempting “to fine Karine a graceful exit” to avoid the negative optics of forcibly removing the first black woman and lesbian to serve as the press secretary, according to the Post.

Sources also reportedly said that KJP didn’t take the bait and indicated she’s bent on staying in her position despite constant criticism from all angles.

“Karine doesn’t have an understanding of the issues and she reads the book [binder] word-for-word,” a source reportedly said.

“She doesn’t have a grasp of the issues and doesn’t spend the time to learn.”

“I think everyone’s resigned to the fact that she’s not going anywhere on her own,” the source added.

“She thinks she’s doing a really good job and thinks the president wants her to stay.”

While that was likely the case, things could change quickly in the White House press briefing room as KJP will undoubtedly be pressed on the issue.

Some on social media suggested that she could jump out before experiencing the embarrassment that those tough questions would bring.

Only time will tell.

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