Biden Repeats Lie about Chinese Communist Party Leader before Flubbing His Own Name: ‘O’Biden’

Democrat President Joe Biden has repeated a lie about Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping during yet another gaffe-filled speech.

Biden falsely claims he traveled 17,000 miles with the Chinese premier, a lie that was debunked the last time he told it.

Elsewhere in his latest humiliating speech, Biden also flubbed his own name and referred to the “O’Biden” administration.

However, as many pointed out on social media, the gaffe was more likely a Freudian slip revealing that Barack Obama is actually calling the shots behind the scenes.

The 81-year-old was speaking at a White House event Thursday to mark Greek Independence Day when he repeated the false remarks.

He repeated the long-debunked claim that he had covered the extensive ground during visits with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Biden re-stated the claim while recounting an anecdote about how President Xi had once asked him to define America.

“I was once asked by Xi Jinping, and I traveled 17,000 miles with him — I was out at the Tibetan plateau,” Biden said.

“He looked at me and he said, ‘Can you define America?’

“I could say the same thing if he asked me to define Greece.

“I said, ‘yes, one word,’ and I mean this sincerely, it’s recorded, I said, ‘possibilities.'”

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The president is fond of the claim, which earned him a “bottomless Pinocchio” rating from the Washington Post’s “fact-checker.”

The Post describes the distinction as “false or misleading statements repeated so often that they became a form of propaganda.”

The outlet quashed the statement in 2021 after it noted the president had reiterated it around 21 times.

Biden has repeatedly used the 17,000 miles figure to exemplify the work he has put into fostering a relationship with President Xi.

The White House has never explained the figure, however.

If Biden’s travel with Xi – in the same plane or vehicle – is totaled up, it’s far less than 17,000.

If his travel to meet with Xi is tallied, it’s more.

However, the statement was not the only gaffe during the speech.

The address included an embarrassing moment where the octogenarian referred to the “O’Biden administration.”

The mix-up came as Biden stumbled over his words, prompting laughter from the crowd before he righted himself.

The flubs are the latest in a string of embarrassing incidents for the president.

Biden was recently forced to deny a scathing report from the DOJ special counsel which found he has “diminished faculties and a faulty memory.”

The long-awaited investigation into his mishandling of classified documents delivered a damning assessment of the president’s abilities.

Although the report did not recommend bringing charges, it provided a cascade of damaging findings about files found in Biden’s garage as well as the president’s fitness for office.

In interviews with investigators, Biden became muddled about the dates he was vice president and could not even remember the year in which his son Beau died.

Meanwhile, a recent poll found that only 38 percent of likely 2024 voters believe Biden will be alive at the end of another four-year term.

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By David Lindfield
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