Bill Gates Pushes ‘Needle-Free Vaccines’ for ‘Pandemic 2’

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is pushing a new form of vaccine that bypasses the need for injections as he warns the public must begin preparing for the coming “pandemic 2.”

Gates has come up with a new design for vaccines that involves placing “a little patch” on a person’s skin.

In a recent appearance on CNBC TV18 in India, Gates was asked about the future of vaccine manufacturing.

Gates excitedly revealed that new needle-free vaccines are now being developed using advancements in healthcare technology.

“We make sure, for all these vaccines, that there’s enough capacity, that there’s competition so the prices keep going down,” Gates said.

“And we will have new vaccines.

“We’ll have a TB [tuberculosis] vaccine, malaria vaccine, HIV vaccine.”

Gates then shifted his attention to Covid mRNA vaccines and how he believes they could be delivered more effectively.

He explained that for the “next pandemic,” we “need to make them have longer duration, more coverage.”

“And we’re going to change, instead of using a needle, to use a little patch,” Gates added about the newly envisioned technology.

However, Gates’s new vaccines do little to address the health risks associated with Covid mRNA shots.

While Gates’s new method will deliver the Covid vaccines without needles, they still use the mRNA technology used in the current Big Pharma shots.

At one point, Gates actually used the term “Pandemic 2” to describe another future Covid-like event.

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Gates revealed that he and his partners are already preparing to capitalize on “the next pandemic” with their latest biotechnological developments.


The push from Gates comes as governments, health officials, unelected bureaucrats, and globalist elites have been scrambling for more efficient ways to mass vaccinate the public.

As Slay News reported last year, a group of leading American scientists has unveiled a new “Air Vax” which uses airborne aerosols to deliver mRNA vaccines straight into people’s lungs.

The new system was developed by researchers at Yale University.

The scientists developed the “Air Vax” to combat vaccine hesitancy as the new method bypasses the need for injections as it can be pumped into the air and used to vaccinate large crowds of people at once via the air they are breathing.

The mRNA in “Air Vax” is encapsulated into polymer nanoparticles, according to reports.

Following a study on mice, the results led researchers to declare that this “new method of delivery could radically change the way people are vaccinated.”

Air Vax can get the job done without a needle and syringe, allowing for greater vaccine coverage.

Scientists say the method will help the government to deliver vaccines for Covid and other viruses to people in remote areas of the world.

It will also overcome low vaccination rates among those who don’t want to get the injections.

The method could be used to pump the Air Vax out of planes to deliver mRNA nanoparticles and spike proteins to the populations of entire cities.

This technique would allow for the mass vaccination of the public without having to individually inject each and every person after getting their consent.

Meanwhile, Gates has also been busy developing plans to seize control of the global food supply.

In the future, Gates also wants to strip farmers of being able to grow their own food.

At the recent COP28 meeting of elitist globalists, Gates unveiled a strategy involving the use of “innovation to absolutely solve that problem.”


This comes as experts are raising the alarm about growing threats against the food supply.

As Slay News reported, a group of experts has just published a new report that raises the alarm about Democrat President Joe Biden’s coming policies for complying with the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Net Zero” agenda.

According to the report from The Buckeye Institute, the Biden administration is pushing policies that seek to eliminate the farming industry and drastically alter the American food supply.

In order to meet the WEF’s “Net Zero” targets, the Biden admin seeks to eliminate meat and dairy products from the food supply.

The policies aim to replace traditionally farmed products with plant-derived alternatives, lab-grown “meats,” and insect-based “foods.”

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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