‘Net Zero’ Requires Single World Government and Massive Drop in Public Living Standards, Expert Warns

A leading expert has raised the alarm about the globalist green agenda to warn the public about how the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Net Zero” targets will actually impact society.

“Net Zero” is a list of targets that governments must comply with, as set out by the WEF and its fellow unelected globalist organization the United Nations.

The UN’s “Agenda 2030” indicates that nations must dramatically lower “carbon emissions” by the year 2030.

By 2050, the world (except China) must completely eliminate all sources of “carbon emissions” to comply with the UN’s “Agenda 2050.”

The UN and WEF insist that the general public must give up their freedom, live in cashless societies with mandatory digital IDs, stop traveling, surrender all property and possessions to the government, eat insect-based “foods” instead of meat, and end capitalism all so the supposedly noble globalists can allegedly “save the planet” from the so-called “climate crisis” for the “common good.”

We are repeatedly told by the UN and its allies in the corporate media that extreme weather events are caused by “manmade climate change” that apparently started in the Industrial Revolution.

But after spending all that money and throwing all that labor into Net Zero, the weather extremes, whatever they are and whatever they are caused by, will continue.

After pumping tens of trillions of dollars in taxpayer cash into the globalist schemes, the prospect of Armageddon will remain unabated.

There will be no impact on the climate for the lifetimes of those who have poured their lives and money into Net Zero.

There will be no impact on the lives of their children, their children’s children, or for many generations after that.

There will be no suspension of extreme weather events because extreme weather events are a fact of life and always have been.

How many fewer extreme weather events would need to be counted for Net Zero to be deemed a success?

Of all the predictions made about Net Zero that is surely a cast-iron guarantee.

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Even if it was human activity that brought us to this edge of the cliff, it cannot be reversed in a few short years.

Nevertheless, this agenda is being peddled by almost every world leader who claims to be pursuing Net Zero.

However, experts are now warning about the dramatic impact that pursuing this agenda will have on civilization as a whole.

Much of the progress made by the human race in the last two hundred years could be erased over the next couple of decades.

Professor Michael Kelly, Emeritus Professor of Engineering at England’s Cambridge University, warns that the implications are obvious.

To achieve the “Net Zero” goals, the general public will need to dramatically reduce their quality of life while allowing a single world government to oversee the agenda.

“The idea that Net Zero can be achieved on the current timelines by any means short of a command economy combined with a drastic decline in standards of living – and several unlikely technological miracles – is a blatant falsehood,” Professor Kelly asserts.

In an article for the Telegraph, Kelly exposes “the realities of Net Zero.”

“We can see that the infrastructure parts of the Net Zero project which are theoretically possible would cost comfortably in excess of $35 trillion and would require a dedicated and highly skilled workforce comparable to that of the construction sector as well as enormous amounts of materials,” Kelly writes.

“Net Zero would also require several things which today are completely impossible: scalable non-fossil energy storage, very high temperature electrical industrial processes, serious electrical aviation, and shipping.

“There would also be the matter of decarbonizing agriculture.

“These things, if they can even be achieved, would multiply the cost at least several times over, to more than $100 trillion.

“So the real cost of Net Zero, or more likely of trying and failing to achieve it, would be similar to – or even more than – total projected US government spending out to 2050.

“There is no likelihood of that amount of money being diverted from other purposes under anything resembling normal market economics and standards of living,” the professor explains.

“The idea that Net Zero can be achieved on the current timelines by any means short of a command economy combined with a drastic decline in standards of living – and several unlikely technological miracles – is a blatant falsehood.

“The silence of the National Academies and the professional science and engineering bodies about these big-picture engineering realities is despicable.

“People need to know the realities of net zero.”

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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