Number of Americans Dead from Non-Covid Causes Soars

The number of excess non-Covid deaths has soared in the United States, with an additional 300,000 Americans dead since 2020, new official data shows.

The latest federal government data shows that staggering numbers of Americans are dying unexpectedly.

In the past two years, 300k more deaths than usual were recorded that cannot be attributed to Covid.

Between February 2020 and the end of 2022, the number of excess deaths was 1.26 million, the data shows.

Of those 1.26M, around 295,000 did not have Covid listed as their main cause of death on their death certificates.

These are thought to be mostly made up of surges in deaths from other diseases such as cancer and heart failure.

However, a full analysis by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is still likely weeks away.

Data from nearly every other country also shows a stark increase in deaths from other causes such as strokes, heart failure, and cancer.

The United Kingdom logged 2,837 excess deaths during the week ending on January 13, with only five percent being attributable to Covid.

However, leading experts in the UK have claimed that up to 3,000 Britons are dying each week because of the disruptions to everyday life caused by the country’s strict lockdowns.

Some experts believe the recent increase in other causes of death around Britain would have been avoided without the strict lockdowns, according to the Daily Mail.

However, the United States has suffered 1,265,751 excess deaths between February 1, 2020, and December 31, 2022, according to the CDC.

Unlike the UK and European countries, the US never entered a national lockdown.

Instead, pandemic decisions were made by state, county, and city-level officials, and not the federal government.

While some Democrat-run states, such as California and New York, enacted strict mandates, others, such as Republican-led Florida and Texas, avoided state-level orders altogether.

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Yet, excess deaths are soaring nationwide, seemingly debunking the lockdown theories of the UK’s “experts.”

The CDC reports a five percent rise in cancer deaths in 2020.

In a 2022 study, CDC researchers found that deaths caused by heart failure has increased by four percent in 2020.

The spike in heart attacks represents “about five years of lost progress” in the fight against America’s leading killer, agency researchers wrote.

The data also shows recent spikes in deaths related to crime as criminals run free in city streets and illegal border crossings hit record highs.

Deaths from drug overdoses increased, with the nation recording a record 108,000 overdose fatalities in 2021.

This is a 15 percent increase from the previous all-time high count in 2020.

The prevalence of deadly fentanyl is likely partially responsible for the surge as well.

America has suffered a larger increase in cumulative deaths than many of its peers.

As of November 27, the most recent data available from OurWorldInData, America had suffered 14 percent more deaths than expected since January 1.

This is higher than the UK (ten percent more deaths than expected), Spain (11 percent), and Sweden (five percent).

Of the nearly 300,000 excess non-Covid deaths, more than 10 percent occurred in California.

The Golden State recorded 33,730, the most of any state by a large margin.

The Democrat-run state had strict lockdowns, mask orders, and vaccine mandates that lingered for months in major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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