WEF Demands Governments Censor ‘Negativity’

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is calling on global governments to crack down on citizens expressing “negativity” online.

The WEF claims that members of the public must be censored if they express “negativity” because the unelected globalist organization is apparently concerned that such behavior could make people “unhappy.”

The Switzerland-based elitist group alleges that “negative” information online can “lower happiness” levels in people who see it.

In response, the WEF claims that “negativity,” which it now groups with so-called “disinformation,” must be censored by governments.

The WEF made the call in its new report on declining happiness levels among young people.

The report is accompanied by their suggestions for making humans “happier.”

The suggestions for improving public happiness levels include censoring people online if their posts are too negative and pressuring public compliance with the WEF’s green agenda by promoting climate activism.

“We live in a world where teenagers grapple with a sense of crisis before adulthood; a time when young people, historically beacons of optimism, report lower happiness than their elders,” the WEF argues in its report.

“Implementing stricter content regulations and policies that limit the spread of negativity and misinformation is crucial,” the WEF insists.

The WEF further suggests all governments set global regulations for censoring negative speech and “misinformation.”

“International cooperation can ensure these reforms are implemented effectively across borders, creating a safer and more positive online environment for young people globally,” the WEF asserts.

The WEF adds that encouraging the public to engage in “environmental activism” will give people a sense of purpose.

However, while the latest report from the WEF suggests compliance with the green agenda should be encouraged, the group’s recent messaging suggests it may not be quite so optional.

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The daughter of Democrat President Joe Biden’s former “climate czar” John Kerry has warned that the days of allowing the general public to decide whether or not to comply with the WEF’s “Net Zero” agenda are now over.

Although her jet-setting father left his role as the 1st United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate last month, Vanessa Kerry still serves as the Special Envoy for Climate Change and Health for the World Health Organization (WHO).

Both Vanessa and John Kerry also serve as key “agenda contributors” at the unelected WEF.

Vanessa Kerry is now warning that globalists must up the ante in order to force the taxpaying public into complying with “Net Zero.”

According to the younger Kerry, complying with green agenda goals to “save the planet” from the “climate crisis” is “no longer a choice.”

As Slay News has previously reported, to comply with the WEF’s “Net Zero” targets, all members of the general public will need to stop eating meat and dairy products, give up air travel and private car ownership, live in “cashless societies,” use digital IDs to partake in society, consume only lab-grown or plant and insect-based “foods,” ration purchases of items such as clothing, pay huge taxes, accept a global government, and many other majors restrictions on freedom.

In a statement on meeting the WEF’s targets, Vanessa Kerry said:

“We can and must make different decisions.

“We must accept that there is no other way forward than to phase out our reliance on fossil fuels.

“A study was released just a few days ago, that shows that more than 8 million people a year die from air pollution, more than in the entire Covid pandemic,” she claimed.

“One person dies every four seconds.

“So by the time I finish this sentence, another person will have died, and 61% of those deaths are directly attributable to fossil fuels.”

Kerry didn’t provide any supporting evidence to support these claims, however.

Vanessa Kerry then declared:

“Simply mitigation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions — is no longer a choice.”


Of course, the claims from the WEF that the organization is fighting to make people “happier” or to “save the planet” are just a front.

The WEF often touts its true agenda of eliminating most of the human race from Earth, leaving behind only a handful of so-called “elites.”

Several WEF members have openly called for massive reductions in population numbers.

Some of those calls demand up to 90% of the population of humans to be wiped out.

Censoring “negativity” has nothing to do with making people “happy” – It’s about eradicating wrongthink.

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By Frank Bergman

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