Fully-Vaxxed New Zealand Suffers 3000% Spike in Excess Deaths

Devastating leaks from the New Zealand government have revealed that the fully-vaxxed nation has suffered a staggering 3,000 percent spike in excess deaths over the past two years.

Due to strict mandates and heavy government pressure during the Covid pandemic, the vast majority of the New Zealand population is fully vaccinated.

Official data shows that 95.8% of the eligible New Zealand population aged 12 and over have received one dose of the Covid mRNA shots.

While a staggering 94.7% of the eligible New Zealand population aged 12 and over are considered to be fully vaccinated.

The head of a New Zealand political party has cited leaked documents while raising the alarm about the Australasian country’s soaring excess mortality rates.

Liz Gunn, head of NZ Loyal, is warning that tens of thousands of the nation’s population have died from the Covid injections.

Gunn is one of few politicians in New Zealand who has spoken out about the number of excess deaths in the country of 5 million since the rollout of the Covid shots.

A recent report revealed that, during a 49-week period in 2022, there were 5,285 excess deaths in New Zealand.

The number is a 3,203 percent increase over the figures for 2020, the last year before the Covid shots were rolled out.

Gunn said she was contacted by a whistleblower who gave her leaked government documentation.

“The number of deaths is usually less than the number of those suffering from ill effects of the injections, then the extrapolation of the numbers that have been injured and killed starts to become, frankly, eye-watering,” Gunn said.

“People who attended the same jab site, and were jabbed one after the other, at consecutive times on the same day.

“We saw their jab date and we saw their date of death,” Gunn noted.

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As one of many examples to illustrate the point, Gunn cited a recent study that was conducted in New Zealand.

An investigation for the study, which was led by Gunn, found that every single person who received a Covid mRNA shot from one clinic died suddenly shortly after vaccination, within the same timeframe.

Gunn, a former TV host-turned-investigative reporter, tracked down patients who had received Covid vaccinations from the same clinic in New Zealand.

Alarmingly, she traced all 30 patients who were vaccinated by the clinic on the same day and discovered that every single one of them had died around the same time.

Gunn published a video update about the findings and described New Zealand as “a crime scene.”


“On one day, 30 people were jabbed on the same day, at the same location,” Gunn said of the study.

“All are now deceased,” she continued.

“And their deaths are in close temporal, time, proximity to each other.

“We are calling for an inquiry.

“Not just any inquiry.

“A full-blown criminal investigation leaving no stone unturned.”

New Zealand reporter Meryl Dorey noted that locals in small towns have been raising the alarm about excess deaths for some time.

“I clearly remember when the VaxXed Bus was in Lightning Ridge last year — a town of about 3,000 people,” Dorey wrote for Informed Choice.

“We spoke with 25 locals and every single person we spoke with could name at least 3 people they personally know who died after a Covid jab and 6 to 10 who were injured.

“Until they are proven to be safe, effective, and necessary, we should not be forcing, mandating or even using any medical products which are essentially untested.

“I applaud Liz Gunn and pray she will be successful in her appeals.”

Yet despite the pressure for the general public to get vaccinated, the left-wing New Zealand government issued over 11,000 exceptions to key staff.

The government raided people’s private homes and arrested citizens who refused to obey the lockdowns and forced injections.

However, evidence has now emerged that the government secretly granted exceptions to elites who didn’t want to get vaccinated or be locked in their mansions.

The hypocritical vaccine exemptions for the elite were granted by former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s government before she stood down and accepted a new role as the World Economic Forum’s global “disinformation czar.”

Ardern’s decision to allow the elite to refuse the vaccine while forcing the vax on normal people was revealed by an Official Information Act (OIA) request.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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