Whistleblower Arrested for Exposing New Zealand’s Mass Vax Deaths

A New Zealand government official has been arrested for leaking secret data to expose the nation’s soaring mass deaths among Covid-vaccinated members of the public.

Barry Young, 56, is employed by Te Whatu Ora – the New Zealand government’s public health agency.

As Slay News reported, Young, identifying himself as “Winston Smith,” released data showing that vast numbers of vaxxed New Zealanders are now dead.

The whistleblower exposed official government data that shows the nation’s spike in excess deaths is associated with the Covid injection campaign.

According to the statistician whistleblower’s explosive official data, more than 20% of the nation’s citizens have now died after receiving their Covid mRNA shots.

Like many other countries around the world, New Zealand has suffered an unprecedented spike in excess deaths over the past two years.

Due to strict mandates and heavy government pressure during the Covid pandemic, the vast majority of the New Zealand population is fully vaccinated.

Official data shows that 95.8% of the eligible New Zealand population aged 12 and over have received one dose of the Covid mRNA shots.

While a staggering 94.7% of the eligible New Zealand population aged 12 and over are considered to be fully vaccinated.

Young is a New Zealand government database administrator, who helped to catalog official data on vaccine recipients for the nation’s health department.

Smith worked on a program logging vaccine compensation for providers.

Due to his unique access, Smith was able to pinpoint how deaths began occurring shortly after the vaccine rollout.

The IT specialist made the revelations in a recent interview with researcher investigative journalist Liz Gunn.

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During the interview, Smith discussed how he made the correlation between shots administered and subsequent deaths.

“When I was looking at the data, which is part of my job, I noticed some discrepancies with the dates of death, people getting people dying within a week of being vaccinated,” the whistleblower told Gunn.

“And this is Pfizer’s batch number one.

“We’ve had 711 from batch number one vaccinated 152 of those died which makes a 21 percentage death rate, mortality rate,” Gunn said looking at the data, which Smith confirmed was correct.

“These are real people,” Smith added.

“These are real numbers.

“This is government data.

“So the top V1 has vaccinated 246 people and 60 of them are now no longer with us.”

“That is nearly 25%,” Gunn noted.

“1 in 4, nearly 1 in 4 that that person is vaccinated is now dead,” Smith confirmed.

Smith said while some batches of AstraZeneca and Moderna Covid shots were administered, those injections were “only few and far between.”

“Mostly it’s Pfizer, mostly it’s Pfizer in New Zealand,” Smith confirmed.


Shortly after Slay News reported on Young’s explosive whistleblowing, his home was raided and the government official was arrested.

Gunn posted an “emergency” video statement om social media where she said government agents were raiding Young’s home.


Accoridn to the NZ Herald, Young, appeared in the Wellington District Court twice on Sunday evening.

The whistleblower reportedly received a standing ovation from a full public gallery at his first procedural appearance.

He returned to the dock so a bail application could be heard.

However, his application for an immediate release on bail was denied.

Judge Andrew Nicholls did grant bail, as long as Young is released at 1 pm on Monday.

The reason for the delayed release cannot be reported due to statutory non-publication orders in the Bail Act, the local outlet reported.

The conditions of Young’s bail were not read to the court.

The data allegedly taken by Young rapidly garnered both local and international attention over the weekend, after initially being first reported by Slay News.

After a police complaint from Te Whatu Ora, Young was arrested and charged with “dishonestly accessing a computer.”

As Young was taken back to the cells after his first appearance, he shouted “freedom” to the public gallery.

Te Whatu Ora was granted an urgent injunction on Friday to block the data from being shared online, chief executive Margie Apa said.

“The data, as published on an overseas site, appears to have been anonymized.

“Analysis of the released data is ongoing, but work so far has not found any National Health Index Numbers or personally identifiable information.”

Apa said an injunction had been used in an effort to censor the information.

“We sought and were granted an injunction through the Employment Relations Authority that prevents any publication of the data to ensure that we can take all steps to protect the privacy of individuals.

“The individual has worked in the health system for a number of years,” Apa said.

“He was authorized to access data as part of his work and was locked out of our systems as soon as we became aware of the unauthorized use.”

He had been employed since the inception of Te Whatu Ora last year.

“We take the security of our data very seriously and are extremely disappointed at this gross breach of trust by this individual and his alleged involvement in spreading harmful misinformation.

“We can assure the public that we are doing everything we can to respond to this incident and to safeguard their information.”

While many attempted to argue that Young’s whistleblowing was fabricated, the fact that he has been arrested for leaking the data only confirms its authenticity.

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